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Brennan Dunn

Start A Freelancing Business

Just starting out or thinking about it? Here you'll learn how to adopt the right mindset to run your business and get your first few clients.

Branding and Positioning

The way you position and present yourself to your clients can make or break your chances with a prospect. Learn how to do position yourself the right way.

Marketing Your Business

Clients are the bedrock of any freelancing business. Learn how to reliably generate high-quality project leads.

Pricing Your Services

How you price and pitch yourself affects the quality of your clients and your income. Learn how to charge more and close more projects.

Writing Proposals That Win You Projects

Writing (and winning) proposals is critical to closing deals. There's no point in having lots of project leads if you don't know how to close them.

Project Management For Freelancers

Once you've sold a client on working with you, learn how to ensure that you consistently deliver great results.

Running Your Freelancing Business

All the advice and tools you need to run a profitable and sustainable freelancing business.

Work/Life Balance For Freelancers

You CAN freelance without sacrificing your sanity. Learn how to balance your life and your work.

Productizing Your Services

What if you could sell your services the same way you'd sell a product? Learn how to level-up your freelancing with productized consulting.


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Top Recently Published Articles & Guides

Liquid Templating for ConvertKit

If you use ConvertKit and want to deliver personalized messages to your subscribers, then you’re going to want to learn Liquid.

Liquid is the templating language that ConvertKit uses behind the scenes to allow for dynamic content to be added to your emails, and if you’re not a programmer it can be… well, intimidating.

In this video, I break down what Liquid is, why it matters, and how to use it.

How To Write The Perfect Proposal

This year I probably bit off more than I could chew.

I’ve been sharing a lot of it over Twitter, but to sum things up:

  1. Bought a new house, closed on January 2
  2. Because this was an upgrade in square footage, we did the (stupid) thing and rushed to fill in the blanks with new furniture, etc.
  3. The house is 100 years old, and was built in a time when attics were built super well. I’m talking high, old growth beams and space. Decided to convert it into a swank home office.

I’m juggling the running of two different companies: Double Your Freelancing (👋) and RightMessage. My days are already jam packed.

So a “let’s hire a ton of contractors to redo the attic” project – while essential, considering I was spending my days hunched over a MacBook in the dining room – probably wasn’t all that smart of a move to make. Especially while the proverbial dust was still settling in the new house.

Why I’m Switching To ConvertKit

So… I switched to ConvertKit.

When I tweeted about it, the response was insane. After all, I’d created the leading course on Drip and those who know me know that for years I’d touted Drip as the most sophisticated, extensible, and most reliable email marketing product on the market.

But a series of changes, both at ConvertKit and Drip, led me to make this decision. And in this writeup, I’m going to attempt to talk about why I’m moving my entire business to ConvertKit.

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