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Start a freelancing business

If you’re just starting freelancing or thinking about it, we’ve got you covered with all the steps you need to start a business and get your first clients.

Branding and positioning

The way you position and present yourself to your clients can make or break your chances with a prospect. Learn how to do position yourself the right way.

Pricing your services

How you price and pitch yourself affects the quality of your clients and your income. Learn how to charge more and close more projects.

Writing proposals that win you projects

Writing (and winning) proposals is critical to closing deals. There's no point in having lots of project leads if you don't know how to close them.

Productising your services

What if you could sell your services the same way you'd sell a product? Learn how to level-up your freelancing with productized consulting.

Top Recently Published Articles & Guides

How to Get Clients Through Cold Outreach (Templates & Tools Included!)

This is a guest post written by Annie Maguire. Annie is a copywriter who specializes in content strategy, customer research, and conversion. For over a decade, Annie has worked on brands like...

Client work is a 2-way street

Does this sound familiar? You get a new client. They’re excited. You’re excited. You send over a list of the stuff you need from them. This ranges from the simple (website logins...

Freelancing During A Recession

Let me open this article by making a few things clear: I’m not an economist. Nor am I a virologist. And I don’t have a crystal ball. However, given what I’m hearing...

Liquid Templating for ConvertKit

If you use ConvertKit and want to deliver personalized messages to your subscribers, then you’re going to want to learn Liquid. Liquid is the templating language that ConvertKit uses behind the scenes...

How To Write The Perfect Proposal

This year I probably bit off more than I could chew. I’ve been sharing a lot of it over Twitter, but to sum things up: Bought a new house, closed on January...

Why I'm Switching To ConvertKit

So… I switched to ConvertKit. When I tweeted about it, the response was insane. After all, I’d created the leading course on Drip and those who know me know that for years I’d...

The Problem With Positioning Your Business

What if everything you’ve been told about positioning (or niching your business) was wrong? Or maybe not 100% wrong… but at least super risky and prone to failure, especially if you’re thinking that...

How To Build An Audience (And Get Clients And Referrals From It)

It’s really easy to get frustrated with finding quality client projects. Either you’re dealing with haphazard referrals from past clients… Or you’re waiting for that actually legitimate lead to fill out your site’s project...

Is Building An Audience Worth It For Freelancers?

“Traditionally, consulting businesses have little of either [reach & scalability]. Consultants don’t need wide brand awareness or a large audience. They only require a small group of highly targeted individuals and organizations...

Clientstrapping: How To Go From Freelancing To Products

Last year, I was forced to take an impromptu vacation. With Hurricane Florence barreling toward the east coast of the United States, I was persuaded to flee north by a combination of...

S03 Episode 5: Building Trust Through Roadmapping with Lionel Martin

When you shop for anything, check with the business owners and ask, “How’s business going?” They will be happy to share their thoughts. Roadmapping involves interviewing and understanding a client to identify...

How Susanne Peng Built Her Dream Life Through Freelancing

We’re continuing to share a different story every few weeks of how a past student has been able to significantly grow their freelance business by applying the concepts they learned from Double...

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