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Laura Elizabeth
Brennan Dunn, Zach Swinehart, & Laura Elizabeth Co-Owners,

Branding and positioning

The way you position and present yourself to your clients can make or break your chances with a prospect. Learn how to do position yourself the right way.

Pricing your services

How you price and pitch yourself affects the quality of your clients and your income. Learn how to charge more and close more projects.

Writing proposals that win you projects

Writing (and winning) proposals is critical to closing deals. There's no point in having lots of project leads if you don't know how to close them.

Productising your services

What if you could sell your services the same way you'd sell a product? Learn how to level-up your freelancing with productized consulting.

Top Recently Published Articles & Guides

[Video] Be a Person, Not a Faceless Organization

🎥 In This Video : Zach discusses the importance of personal branding and building authentic connections with clients. He shares his experiences running both a solo freelancing business and an agency, highlighting the...

[Video] 3 Skills to Build Before You Go Freelance

🎥 In This Video: Zach shares 3 critical skills to build before you go freelance, while you’re still working at a day job. 🔗 Things mentioned in this video: 📋 Table of...

Should You Be Focusing on *Finding Clients* or *Having Them Find You*?

A stream of endless potential clients beating down your door is any freelancer’s dream. After all, it’s the uncertainty about when and where the next client will come from that causes us...

How does your work IMPACT your clients business?

Here’s something I try to always keep at the top of my mind… Clients don’t care about your service, they care about what they think your service will do for them. Most...

[Video] The Solution for the "Feast or Famine Freelancer"

🎥 In This Video: You’ll learn the solution to “feast or famine freelancing.” If you implement these steps in your business, you’ll soon escape the “super busy or nothing to do at...

[Video] How to get clients as a new freelancer (WITHOUT Upwork or other marketplaces)

🎥 In This Video: You’ll get a few ideas for how to get your first clients without being reliant on Upwork or other marketplaces, as well as strategies to set yourself up...

Quick Tip: How To Build Your Authority & Get Clients *Coming to You*

The #1 thing that made the difference in building enough lead flow to support my 11-person agency was becoming an educator. (Have you seen Zach’s “Practice Being An Educator” idea?) Most freelancers...

[Video] 3 Tips To Get More Clients and Earn More Money as a Freelancer

🎥 In This Video: Zach brings you 3 quick tips to get more clients and earn more money as a freelancer. Implementing even just one of these tips can be truly transformative for...

How To Earn Six Figures Without Hiring Anyone

Today’s post is part 2 of a previous post that I recommend reading first: “Do you need to grow a team to earn 6 figures?“ Background info from that last post… In...

Do You Need To Grow a Team To Earn 6 Figures?

Today’s post was inspired by a challenge one of our DYF community members – let’s call him Sean – is experiencing. If you’re a freelancer who enjoys your craft (i.e. design, dev,...

How to Get Clients Through Cold Outreach (Templates & Tools Included!)

This is a guest post written by Annie Maguire. Annie is a copywriter who specializes in content strategy, customer research, and conversion. For over a decade, Annie has worked on brands like...

Client work is a 2-way street

Does this sound familiar? You get a new client. They’re excited. You’re excited. You send over a list of the stuff you need from them. This ranges from the simple (website logins...

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