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[Video] 5 Goal Setting Mistakes That Cause Freelancers to Fail

By Zach Swinehart

🎥 In This Video: You’ll learn essential tips to avoid common goal-setting mistakes freelancers make.

Zach shares easy-to-follow strategies for setting achievable goals, improving lead generation, and boosting productivity.

Discover why setting realistic goals is key to success and how small victories can lead to big achievements.

Ideal for freelancers seeking practical advice to grow their businesses in 2024.

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📋 Table of Contents:

  • 0:00 – Intro to 5 goal setting mistakes that cause freelancers to fail
  • 0:10 – Mistake #1: Creating a yearly goal with no plan
  • 2:12 – Mistake #2: Not accounting for life and hoping for “no surprises”
  • 3:04 – Mistake #3: Setting outcome-based goals vs. lead measure goals
  • 4:48 – Mistake #4: Not celebrating lead measure successes
  • 6:44 – Mistake #5: Not taking action OR stopping entirely when client work gets heavy