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Running your freelancing business

All the advice and tools you need to run a profitable and sustainable freelancing business.

Surprise! There’s much more to being a successful freelancer than being great at your craft.

In this section, we’ll equip you with the knowhow and tools you need to run a profitable and sustainable business. We’ll help you choose the right software, services, and tools for the job, and we’ll also show you how you can link these services together to automate parts of your business.

Additionally, we’ll help you make sure that you’re never strapped for cash by providing a few tips on keeping on top of your cash flow and business expenses.


  • You should have a “data-driven” business. Find out how.
  • You should automate as much of your business as possible so you can focus on serving and billing your clients. Find out how.
  • You should create recurring revenue streams. Find out how.

Whether through 4+ years of in-depth articles, premium courses, the conferences and events I host, or my podcast, my #1 goal is to help you become a more successful freelancer.

Brennan Dunn
Laura Elizabeth
Brennan Dunn & Laura Elizabeth Co-owners,

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