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[Video] This freelancer almost lost out on *9 new leads a month* (!!!!) due to premature “scaffolding”

By Zach Swinehart

🎥 In This Video:

Something that’s been coming up in the DYF Accelerator community a lot lately has been the concept of “scaffolding.”

In community member Maia’s case, she came on to a one-on-one office hours coaching session with me in in the Accelerator to get my input on what turned out to be “premature scaffolding” for her.

After chatting with her, I had her defer that “scaffolding” for now and double down on lead gen instead.

The result?

She’s seen a 400% to 600% increase to her monthly lead flow.

She now has a waitlist and is booked out a month in advance.

…Whereas prior to joining the Accelerator she was often fearful & uncertain of when the next client would come through the door.

(Something most of us can relate to)

Watch the video​ to learn about this concept of “scaffolding” and audit where you’re spending your time to see if you’re making this common (and expensive) mistake.

🔗 Things mentioned in this video

📋 Table of Contents:

  • 0:00 – What we’ll cover in this video
  • 0:27 – Maia’s Early Wins (+400% increase to monthly leads!)
  • 3:23 – Manual Processes vs. Scaffolding
  • 4:27 – Scaffolding Rule of Thumb
  • 5:27 – Starting Something New: Challenges and Momentum
  • 6:33 – Service Offerings: Always move as close to “Done for You” as possible for maximum $