Your Shortcut to More Clients & Higher Rates:

The Double Your Rates Toolkit

A collection of time-saving tools, AI automations, and insider secrets $250/hr+ freelancers have used to get more clients, raise their rates, & close more deals.

Why Most Freelancers are Underpaid...

Most of us start freelancing with starry-eyed dreams of flexibility and lifestyle freedom 🤩...

("Laptop on the beach? Work on the couch in sweatpants? Yes please!!!")

...But quickly find ourselves in a stressful situation where we're just barely scraping by.

Can you relate to any of the following...? 

  • Sending a bunch of outreach emails or DMs and hearing nothing back
  • Charging bare-minimum prices to "remain competitive"
  • Losing out on deals because the client "found someone cheaper"
  • Not sure how to price your services and resorting to using calculators online 
  • Not knowing what to say in your first message to a potential client
  • Low confidence on sales calls & feeling like you have no idea what you're doing
  • Not knowing how to create a compelling proposal that makes clients say "YES!" instead of scaring them off
  • Feeling sick of potential clients always trying to haggle you down on your rates
  • Feeling like no one values or respects you

If you've struggled with any of these, don't feel bad.

Every freelancer struggles with the problems above, because the solutions to them aren't intuitive.

But I'm going to let you in on a little secret of multi-6-figure freelancers...

The Problem — and what to do about it...

Most of us freelancers focus on building our technical skills.

(In other words, we focus on "becoming a good developer," designer, writer, etc.)

It's the natural thing to do when you want to earn more.

But here's the problem with that...

Technical skills won't solve the problems from the list above.

Your shortcut to top-tier freelance rates:

The fastest route to more clients and higher rates isn't more technical skills.

It's creating a more valuable service offering that brings better results to your clients.

And then once you have that, stacking it with the pricing, sales, and positioning strategies used by the top 6-figure freelancers.

This creates an unbeatable combo that will have you attracting more clients, AND getting paid more by them.

If you want to earn more ASAP, this is the fastest way to get there.

Fortunately for you, the Double Your Rates Toolkit makes this a piece of cake...


The Double Your Rates Toolkit

Your shortcut to more clients and higher rates...

The Toolkit breaks into 4 phases:

1. Create an irresistible service offering that gets you clients

(👆 This is your foundation that everything else builds on)

2. Know how to attract potential clients and get a sales call booked

3. Know what to say when you talk to them (sales)

4. Know how to send a proposal that gets them to hire you

Phase 1: Create an irresistible service offering that gets you clients

Turbo-Charge Your Service Offering

This is your foundation for getting more clients (who pay you well!).

You'll be shown the "irresistible service offering hack" that can double the value of your services with about 5-10 minutes of work, thanks to the time-saving tools in the toolkit.

Phase 2: Know how to attract potential clients

Become A “Client Magnet”

Learn exactly what to do & say to get a potential client onto a sales call.

Templates, scripts, and training to maximize that crucial first point of contact with a potential client.

Phase 3: Know what to say when you talk to them

Master Sales Without “Selling!”

Most of us hate the idea of sales because it feels "icky."

But when you do sales the right way, it isn't sleazy.

Done right, you'll close lots of deals in a way clients love — and you're about to learn how.

Sales scripts, checklists, and a real-life freelance sales call breakdown to take you from overwhelmed to confident.

Phase 4: Know how to send a proposal that gets them to hire you

Create Proposals That Win You Clients

Most freelancers create proposals the wrong way, which scares potential clients off.

You'll learn the right way — and get templates, training, and scorecards to create proposals that make clients say "YES!"

Does this sound like something you'd find helpful?

30-day money-back guarantee.

What they're saying...

What's Inside?

You're about to get all the templates, scripts, and training you need to attract more clients and massively raise your rates...

Phase 1: Have an irresistible offering

Turbo-Charge Your Service Offering

You'll leave with a service offering that's worth 2x, 3x, or even 10x what your current one is!

This is the backbone of effective marketing, and key for getting more clients and raising your rates.

What's inside phase 1...
  • Video Lesson:

"The 4 Easiest Steps to Double Your Rate — FAST"

You'll learn how most freelancers sabotage their rates, and the 4 fastest, easiest, most impactful steps you can take TODAY to instantly increase the value of your services, and win more projects at higher rates.

  • Video Lesson & ai Prompts:

"Create an Irresistible Service Offering That Gets You Clients" — on Autopilot

You'll be guided through worksheets & ChatGPT prompts in this section to double, triple, or even 10x the value of your services.

This is the foundation of getting more clients and getting paid top-tier rates.

What's even better: these ChatGPT prompts put the process on autopilot.

  • Tool pack:

“Make It a No-Brainer for the Client” Worksheet & ChatGPT Prompts

This worksheet & ChatGPT prompts help you think of ways to "show the ROI" to the client and make hiring you a no-brainer.

  • Custom GPT:

Custom AI Freelance Coach & Proposal Writer

Once you have your turbo-charged service offering mapped out, we'll use it to train a custom GPT that we'll use later in the process to save you a bunch of time and even write proposals on your behalf, based on its custom knowledge of your service offering and business! 🙂

  • Bonus Video + Roadmap:

Your Roadmap to $400/hr Rates ($97 Value)

You'll get guided through the roadmap and checklist that you can use for years to come to keep improving the value you provide to clients, and keep driving your rate higher and higher than you ever thought possible.

  • Bonus Video:

Niching, Productizing, & "Showing the ROI" Coaching Call Recording ($97 Value)

👆 These are 3 topics that most freelancers struggle with big-time.

Get clarity on them by watching this recording of a live coaching call Zach did with a student that dives deep into niching, productizing, and "showing the ROI."

Does this sound like something you'd find helpful?

30-day money-back guarantee.

Phase 2: Know how to attract potential clients

Become A “Client Magnet”

You'll learn the secrets to mastering the initial message to clients — this will set you apart from the other freelancers and have potential clients eager to talk to you.

You'll leave with a customized framework, templates, & checklists you can use in your initial messages to get clients interested, FAST.

What's inside phase 2...
  • Video Lesson:

"The Freelance Sales Process 101"

You'll learn the basics of how to take someone from stranger to paying client — and what the role is of this "Client Magnet" phase in the broad system. You'll also get a handy flowchart infographic you can reference later.

  • Lesson & Cheat Sheet:

"Upwork Do's and Don't's"

Most freelancers reply to Upwork job posts the wrong way, which causes them to burn bridges and lose out on work opportunities.

Learn the Do's and Don't's for your first message to have prospective clients drooling rather than scared away.

You'll also get a handy cheat sheet and learn the "E.S.C.A.P.E. From Crappy Upwork Results" acronym to set you up for success.

  • Lesson & Tool pack:

"The Ultimate Upwork Response Template"

Now that you know the basics, it's time to craft our Ultimate Upwork Response Starter Template. 😍

You'll learn the right and wrong way to use a response template + get training, scripts, scorecards, templates, & ChatGPT prompts to get you effectively replying to Upwork posts — quickly and easily.

  • AI Prompts:

AI Upwork Response Writer

Never write an Upwork job post reply from scratch again!

This one's a HUGE time-saver. Once you've configured your foundational template in the previous lesson, you can leverage it alongside these ChatGPT prompts to write your replies for you based on a few simple input fields, so that all you have to do is make some final edits and click "send."


"The ‘Authority Insight Video’ Technique"

Learn the insider strategy top freelancers use to set themselves apart and get attention on platforms like Upwork — FAST.

You'll also get a checklist & script to make it fast & easy.

Does this sound like something you'd find helpful?

30-day money-back guarantee.

Phase 3: Know what to say when you talk to them

Master Sales Without “Selling!”

You'll leave with confidence and peace around how to do sales as a freelancerwithout feeling like a "sleazy salesperson."

You'll also leave with a custom overwhelm-busting sales template / script you can use in your calls to avoid feeling "put on the spot" on sales calls.

What's inside phase 3...
  • Video Lesson:

"How to Sell Without Being Sleazy"

You'll learn the right way to sell, and we'll bust the trope of the sleazy salesman.

  • Lesson & Tool pack:

Your 6-Figure Sales Call Template

You'll be guided through the worksheet, checklist, and ChatGPT prompts to create the perfect sales call template for your business.

  • Scorecard:

Sales Call Scorecard

The best way to get better at sales? Practice. 🙂

This scorecard helps you score your sales calls so that you can keep improving your skills and close more deals.

Does this sound like something you'd find helpful?

30-day money-back guarantee.

Phase 4: Know how to get them to hire you

Create Proposals That Win You Clients

You'll leave with everything you need to send proposals that win you clients instead of scaring them away.

PLUS you'll leave with customized time-saving templates that will have you sending amazing proposals in record time!

What's inside phase 4...
  • Video Lesson:

"The 3 Deadly Proposal Mistakes That 99% of Freelancers Make"

You'll learn the huge proposal mistakes that cause most freelancers to lose out on projects — and what to do instead.

  • Video Lesson:

"The Perfect Proposal"

You'll be walked step-by-step through the key components of a winning proposal so that you know exactly how to create proposals that win you projects.

  • Template:

Proposal Template

Never guess again about what to put in your proposal — just take advantage of this time-tested template used by 6-figure freelancers and 7-figure agency owners.

  • Scorecard:

Proposal Scorecard

Every proposal is a little bit different. This scorecard will help you "zoom out and evaluate the broad strokes" to make sure you're crafting a winning proposal — even when the scope looks a bit different from the starting templates.

Does this sound like something you'd find helpful?

30-day money-back guarantee.

Your Purchase Also Includes A LIVE Workshop!

To help you improve your service offering so that you can get more clients and earn more ASAP, you also get access to one free LIVE “Commodity To Consultant” Mastermind Coaching Call ($97 value)...

  • Bonus Live Workshop:

One Free LIVE “Commodity To Consultant” Mastermind Coaching Call ($97 Value)

This gives you a chance to see what's working for other freelancers and get live feedback from Zach on your newly-turbo-charged service offering to help you improve it further and get even more high-paying clients!

If you ever get stuck on implementing the toolkit, these workshops are guaranteed to get you un-stuck 🙂

(You'll also get access to the recording if you can't make it live)

Who’s behind the Double Your Rates Toolkit?

You're about to learn the pricing & sales strategies used by a $250/hr freelancer and a $2,000,000/yr agency owner...

Zach Swinehart

CEO, Double Your Freelancing

Zach started freelancing in 2009. He went on to grow a $200,000/yr 3-person agency, before scaling down to being highly-paid soloist with high lifestyle freedom and an effective hourly rate over $250/hr.


Founder, Double Your Freelancing

Brennan started out as a freelancer, and after 3 years his business grew to an agency of 11 employees and $2 million in annual revenue.

As seen on:

Our 30-day 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

We're uber-duber confident that this toolkit will bring a HUGE return on investment, and that it's the the fastest + easiest way to massively increase your rates.

That's why we have a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you purchase and don't feel the toolkit was worth way more than what you paid for it, email us at within 30 days and we’ll refund your full investment.

So let's recap...

You're seconds away from the fastest, easiest path to massively increasing your rates.

When you join right now, you'll get the toolkit and $291 in free bonuses for one low price...

  • PHASE 1 → Turbo-Charge Your Service Offering (Value $147)
  • PHASE 2 → Become A “Client Magnet” (Value $147)
  • PHASE 3 → Master Sales Without “Selling!” (Value $147)
  • PHASE 4 → Create Proposals That Win You Clients (Value $147)
  • BONUS → Your $400+ Per Hour Freelance Rate Roadmap (Value $97)
  • BONUS → Niching, Productizing, & "Showing the ROI" Coaching Call Recording (Value $97)
  • BONUS → One Free LIVE “Commodity To Consultant” Mastermind Coaching Call (Value $97)
  • A 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee


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