Success stories

Thousands of freelancers and small agencies have benefited from our content and courses.
Here are a few of their stories we wanted to share with you...

In 2014 (our best year yet), revenue was 50% higher than in 2013. And 2013 revenue was more than double our 2012 revenue. 2012 revenue was 40% higher than 2011 revenue. Oh, and my business did so well in 2014 that I was able to take 7 weeks off for paternity leave – and still, revenue was 50% higher than 2013!

Josh Brown iOS Developer

My company revenues are more than double what they were 2 years ago.

Aaron Zakowski Marketing Consultant

Also, the idea that I needed to just raise rates. I figured I could get away with that as I didn’t have many established clients, and I’ve found that the higher rates have oddly enough required far less justification than I expected.

Dorian Ferrari Design Agency Owner

While taking Brennan’s free email course, I checked my email eagerly each morning because I was courting some new clients. I managed to sell a roadmapping session before signing up for the full course!

James Dixon Drupal Freelancer

Double Your Freelancing Rate helped me understand how to effectively price my services on value. Since I completed the first version of the course, my rate has increased by over 500%.

Kai Davis Outreach Consultant

Last week, I pitched and sold my first roadmapping session for a marketing project, and quadrupled my hourly rate!

Princess Clemente Graphic Designer

Through the long ramp-up I have read into how others have done this. I have accepted the idea of charging what I am worth and due to it being a side business, I have less pressure to take on any work that comes my way. I can turn down work with much less nerves than if this was my only source of income.

William Durkin SQL Server Consultant

We didn’t have a line of credit at the time, and every personal penny had already been invested — I could not bear the idea of having to tell our employees I couldn’t pay them this week.

Nate Nordstrom Web and Mobile Designer

I started to understand design as a business investment and sell solutions rather than time or designs. The last few proposals I’ve confidently sent out are double the price and half the time compared to the ones I was sending out last year. I’ve gotten more, higher quality leads in the last four weeks that I did all of last year.

Matt Olpinski UI and UX Consultant

While my other books and classes were changing lives, I was not supporting or growing my own business. I knew there had to be a way to monetize my wisdom.

Judy H. Wright Publisher and Speaker

There was definitely hesitation on our side in the beginning — questioning if we could really make waves in the art industry. But ultimately we used his advice on owning what we had already created and selling artists on what the future of 23VIVI holds.

QuHarrison Terry, Part 2 Freelance Music Promotion

I am wrapping up my first project where I was really able to put DYF lessons into practice. The entire conversation was about client needs and results, not on what effort it would be on my side. When the client balked on price, I was able to sell him on reducing scope and getting him to prepay in full!

Jim Van Fleet Freelance Backend Developer

A recent win with a new client resulted in increased revenues because I priced my services based upon my worth – not an hourly rate. In this case, nearly double what I would have charged prior to taking Double Your Freelancing Rate.

Miles Gibson IT Management & Application Developer

I am in a really, really good place, because I know how to find, court and close the sale with the right customers.

LaTanya White Entrepreneurial Expert

Our first retainer came when we approached our best client that was paying us for every hour we spent and converted them into a client that treats us like a trusted advisor and never even sees hourly breakdowns. Our role expanded, our influence increased and our billing has become extremely regular. We even managed to switch the client to a prepaid model. This change has single-handedly transformed our business from feast-and-famine into one of expansion and having a reliable profit.

Drew Ulmer Freelance Software Developer

If you ask the question, “Can you charge more and are you worth it?” Yes should always be the answer. Why would you say no? In realizing this commitment to myself, I understand that my rate needs to match the expertise I’m offering.

Jennah Lear Freelance Designer

My proudest moment in recent history has to be buying our first home based solely on the success of my business in the last two years.

Ryan Neufeld Software developer, Entrepreneur and PT Conference Organizer

More important, the clients now perceive the added value they get and they treat me as a partner, not just another service provider. Because I really am a partner. And this is something very rare to find (although a lot of people are claiming it).

Ciprian Gavriliu Design Consultant

I purchased Brennan’s Double Your Freelancing Rate in its first edition, and at the time I was making $75 per hour. Three years later and I’m making $200 per hour.

Josh Crews Ruby on Rails Consultant

Based on what I’ve learned from Brennan and Double Your Freelancing, I’ve been able to grow my freelance business from $0 to almost $25,000 month in less than two years!

Gina Horkey Professional Writer and Business Consultant

My biggest success was closing my first $1,000 project. It could definitely have gone for a lot higher – now that I am more experienced I realize what a good deal that was.

Celina Wong Freelance Artist

I think though, that I am moving more toward pitching myself as a brand/asset rather than running a company, which will be very nice as I can explore more things like consulting, speaking, traveling, writing and other revenue streams. Things that fill me and our bank account.

Max Zoghbi Freelance Filmmaker

I just (last week) got my first $2,000/week job. I was handed check #2 today. Man it feels good… but honestly it just feels appropriate. Like, I definitely earned that $2,000/week, and I’m glad I am recognizing it. What did I do differently? I stuck to my guns and was actually confident. The first three times I told someone my rate was $2,000 a week, I did not do it well. I hesitated, and then second guessed myself and negotiated.

Torre Capistran WordPress Consultant

Today, I sold my first roadmapping session at 5 times more than what I was supposed to charge (just by using cues I got from Socratic questioning) – and I don’t even have a solid portfolio yet!

Reinart Bacalso Marketing Consultant

You know the crazy part? I just turned 21. At my current job as a landscape estimator, I make $21.50 an hour. I’m going to be working 10-15 hours total with this client over a four-week period. My price? $2,000. That’s like 10x. Again, woot! And it’s because I was able to anchor my cost against real, deliverable, obvious VALUE.

Benjamin Holmgren Web Developer and Startup Founder

Raising rates didn’t change anything with my customers – it just made me more money!

Beth Perrou WordPress Developer

When we first started the company, we billed based on an hourly rate. During the first year, we did a ton of work for a big client through a third party. The client racked up hours totaling over $100,000 – and then we discovered that the third party was unwilling to pay the full total. We never did get that money back and entered the holidays with $100 in the bank and payroll to meet. That was a real wake-up call and got us to rethink how we bill for projects. Eventually, we discovered the Double Your Freelancing Rate course and since then we’ve completely changed how we charge clients.

Bart Mroz Digital Commerce Strategist

Brennan shares tons of experience in his videos. Those alone are worth the price of his course, The Blueprint. The course’s usefulness is tripled by the mentoring program, office hours and the Facebook group.

Franz Sauerstein, Part 2 WordPress Consultant

I put your course into practice and landed my first ‘great’ client as a result. The process was really smooth, he agreed to all of my terms without hesitation and wired my deposit the same day we talked!

Jorge Vergara Technology Entrepreneur

January was my best month bringing in about $6,900. Doing proposals made a huge difference (which I got the verbiage for through the Double Your Freelancing Rate course). I learned how to explain value, rather than just sharing cost.

Maya Elious Personal Brand Consultant

Instead of selling a faster website, I now sell “increased revenue” since speed directly leads to increased revenue. And instead of selling automated backups, I sell “peace of mind” since their content will be safely stored away.

Stephen Godfrey Full-Stack Developer

The other thing that changed was how I was writing proposals to people and how I was communicating with them afterward. From that moment on, I was focusing on them, on their projects and on what they care about, trying to delay everything related to my company to the last part of the emails. This was true for our proposals and also for every consecutive email.

Stefan Fidanov Web and Mobile Agency Owner

Being able to charge more means I can take on less clients and be more selective on who I work with. It’s a great feeling when you have a choice in who you work with, instead of just taking any project that you’re offered.

Ruben Ugarte Analytics and Growth Consultant

I think the best advice is the boring stuff, not any new, slick marketing tactics.

Lance Miller Filmmaker

Freelancing will bring you some of the greatest highs you will ever experience and some of the biggest lows as well – but I wouldn’t do anything else.

Mark Hayes Digital Agency Owner

I started to focus on why something is being done. It’s much easier to get a client when you can show him that by actually spending more on me, he’s earning money, not wasting it.

Andrew Marcinkevičius Web Developer

What I consult in and who I consult for might change over time, but the independence, flexibility and ability to work with amazing clients is something I’d never dream of giving up.

Jeff Daigle UX Designer, Online Marketer, Branding Expert and Web Developer

I suddenly realised I had permission—a responsibility, even—to help steer the entire process towards a client’s goals, not just to build whatever app they hired me to build.

Shai Schechter Web Designer and Developer

Designbull is on track to make an additional 20% this fiscal year, JUST from applying the roadmapping sessions!

Andy Fuller Freelance Designer

I realize now that having all of that technical knowledge doesn’t automatically equate to more clients and higher rates.

Brandon Michals Freelance Web Developer

How could it be that I was so good at what I did, and yet wasn’t making the sort of money that I know many consultants do?

Reuven Lerner Technical Trainer, CTO, Author and Consultant

The roadmapping sessions have been essential to us retaining clients. That along with the socratic questioning to qualify potential clients has allowed for us to really work with more of the right people.

QuHarrison Terry Freelance Music Promotion

I already knew what to expect from freelancing, but what I didn’t expect was how a few key shifts in mindset can make all the difference.

Thom O'Leary eCommerce Consultant

The hardest decision I ever made was letting go of my employees to go solo again and pivoting to pursue clients I believed in.

Janelle Allen Learning Designer

It is very difficult to convince a stranger to trust you and pay you money without a case study or a strong reference. People you know are way more likely to turn into your first clients.

Louis Grenier eCommerce Consultant

Brennan’s courses have taught me how to structure a real business that can grow and be sustainable in the future. As skeptical as I can be, I really identified with his story.

Deveren Fogle Web Strategist

I've been to your conferences. I've bought your courses. But before all that, I was just a subscriber to your weekly newsletter. You've delivered game-changer after game-changer to my business... THANK YOU! And keep up the great work!

Naomi Bush Customer since 2015

That’s when I searched around hard to figure out what to do, who to talk to, what to learn, etc. Someone referred me to Double Your Freelancing and reading through the blog posts and the short email course was one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. I never would have set the goal of $100/hour, even! And Brennan was talking about setting your sights even higher!

Adrien Sanborn Web Designer

Before Brennan’s course, I had about five services on my site, which weren’t fully defined in a systematized way for production and client delivery. I struggled with spreading myself too thin, even though all of the services were related. Now, I’ve condensed into one fully defined productized service, that in the future may incorporate a few other pricing tiers and options.

Jeff Bronson Ecommerce Strategy Consultant

My biggest success so far was investing and following Double Your Freelancer’s Mastering Project Roadmaps. My first time using Brennan Dunn and Ben Lee’s Roadmapping Session resulted in a $60,000 account. And every time I’ve followed their program, I’ve continues to increase my revenue.

Susie Hays Outsourced CMO

The only thing I started doing differently was growing my business, because of these successes. I had the idea of, “I can do it better” and “I’d really like more people to not hate their job,” so I brought on more people and transitioned myself into more of a sales position.

Joe Martin Web Designer and Branding

I just wanted to let you know that in the last 3 days, I closed a deal for $48,000 and another one for $18,000. (Just 6 months ago I was only closing $2k deals).

Matt Olpinski, Part 2 UI and UX Consultant

I was never a great employee I was an entrepreneur at heart and working for some one else.

Glenn Stovall App Developer

Over the past few years we’ve done less bill-by-the-hour contracting and more consulting and managing subcontractors. This has been a very positive change for the business.

Matthew Heusser Freelance Software Tester

I was never a great employee I was an entrepreneur at heart and working for some one else.

Elliott Davidson Digital Marketing Consultant

I think there’s a lot of value in being able to show people where not to waste their energy.

Anthony English FIFO Contructor

Suddenly life opens up with so many possibilities and you have the flexibility and privilege of choosing how to live your day.

Susanne Peng Creative Designer and Developer

I took a look at my earnings this year and calculated that I am on my track to triple my revenue and I also turned down some truly toxic clients, which made me happy.

Franz Sauerstein WordPress Consultant

I’m still working on this. I know that my journey as an entrepreneur is not a race – I’m in it for the long haul. So, if it takes more time to accomplish this goal, I’m okay with that.

Jennah Lear, Part 2 Freelance Designer

As a direct result of Brennan challenging my thinking about value creation, we’re now able to charge a much higher rate, but we also deliver 10x the results than we have in the past.

Tom Morkes Freelance Author Marketer

I have switched to thinking about clients as one-time clients and my services as commodities. Brennan has helped me make this giant leap in thinking. It was like a lightbulb moment. Seems so simple, but it became crystal clear the way he positioned it.

Pia Larson Founder of Branding and Marketing Agency