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In-Depth Training For The Freelancer Who Didn't Major In Business

Does the idea of selling or marketing yourself make you cringe? Do you know you’re undercharging, but aren’t sure what to do to fix that? If so, I’ve created a handful of premium courses that have helped thousands of freelancers build a more stable and more profitable business.


NEW! The Ultimate Freelancer Workflow Pack for Drip

“Plug-and-Play” workflows that you can import directly into your Drip account that takes the guesswork out of automating core parts of your business. From lead qualification, to onboarding, all the way to staying in touch (and getting repeat work) at the end of your project. Get yourself a steady stream of clients completely on autopilot!

Double Your Freelancing Conference 2016-2017 Bundle

Over 12 hours of highly actionable conference talks from the two most recent conferences we’ve run.

Client Portal

ClientPortal is a product that we use at DYF which came about from one of the attendees at DYFConf EU. It’s a simple way to give your clients a portal on your website where they can view deliverables, timelines and your availability.

Give your projects that professional edge and save time answering all of those pesky “how’s the project coming along?”, “I’ve lost that file you sent me” or “why aren’t you responding to me on a Sunday” emails.



Double Your Freelancing Rate 

My bestselling course, Double Your Freelancing Rate, covers how to raise your prices, justify your worth, and better explain who you are and what you do to prospective clients.

If you’re a self-identified “freelancer” and struggle to understand how you’ll be able to charge more when seemingly everyone else is charging less, this course will help you not only make more money, but also deliver better projects to your clients.

Your course so far has been amazing for me. I doubled my rates overnight and started a completely different way of providing what I do to my clients. New clients haven’t flinched when I told them what I would charge for producing work for them and they are embracing the fact that I’m providing a solution to a problem rather than a commodity.
— Susan Duncan

We’ll you’ve only made me rethink my entire business, approach and pricing model. I’ve just sent a quote to a client at my usual rate, and based it on a weekly pricing model.
— Nate P

Interested in charging more? Find out more about Double Your Freelancing Rate

Sell Yourself Online: The Blueprint (coming soon)

Our most comprehensive course to date Sell Yourself Online: The Blueprint is going to show you how you can get your website in order and generate high-quality leads on autopilot. Finally get a solid pipeline of new clients and grow your freelancing business to a 6-7 figure business.

Mastering Project Roadmaps

This brand new course (released February 2016) covers a concept called paid Roadmapping. So what is Roadmapping? When most freelancers get a new lead, what usually happens is: 1) they spend a bunch of time in meetings and firing off emails, 2) they spend even more time writing a project proposal, and 3) they then hope the client accepts.

Paid Roadmapping turns the typical sales process on its head and, instead, advocates that you get paid for the time you spend helping a client distill down their vague idea into something that can be built. It also has a lot of psychological benefits: instead of selling a client on a giant project, you instead sell them on a small strategy session. Hiring you becomes a lot less risky, and once they’re your client and have received a ton of value from you, selling them on the core project becomes a lot easier.

In this course, my co-teacher Ben Lee and I go in-depth on how to sell, host, and deliver Roadmapping to your clients.

Mastering Drip Email Marketing Automation

Everything you need to know to use marketing automation to build an audience, automate sales, and nurturing leads.

Interested in becoming a master at email marketing? Find out more.