Mini-Course — Blazing-Fast Blogging

By Zach Swinehart

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“How do I write a blog post as a freelancer?”

“What should I write about?”

I’ve seen this question come up a lot in the community lately, so I thought it’d be a fun mini-course to make 🙂

In this mini-course you’ll learn…

  • How to get ideas for what to write about as a freelancer/agency owner
  • My process for writing blog posts
  • How to approach blogging in a somewhat templated, formulaic way (in a good way)
  • The parts of my blogging process where I use chatGPT (note: it’s not usually the writing, for me!)
  • How to be strategic with your content strategy based on who your target client is, and what your service offering is

I’d love to say “you’ll leave with a completed blog post,” but you won’t.

However, I think we could pretty safely have you leave with a blog post outline, or perhaps even a Shitty First Draft™️ to finalize later!

So, with that said, you will leave this mini-course with…

  • A framework (and outline) for knowing what’s strategically wise to write about
  • A framework for HOW to write posts
  • A bunch of blog post ideas for you to pull from when you want to write something new
  • …And if we’re lucky, you’ll have even made some live progress on a post!

This was originally recorded as a live workshop for DYF University members 🙂