2024 Live Goal Setting Workshop

By Zach Swinehart

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Let’s make 2024 AWESOME — together 💪🏔️

Live 2024 Goal Setting Event Loose Agenda

I’ll add more deets / agenda closer to the date, but the loose process will be…

  • Reflecting on values / life vision
  • Reverse engineering that into long-term goals
  • Reverse engineering those into yearly goals
  • Reverse engineering that into Q1 goals
  • Setting January goals from there
  • And then first week’s goals from there

I’ll also give you all sortsa nifty Notion templates and whatnot to faciliate this.

Wanna come?

Event Details

We’ve got 2 times on the calendar for it.

TODO FOR YOU: Click one below and RSVP + add to your calendar!

Hope to see you there!

— Zach

P.S. We’re paying out the ass for our addevent.com subscription, so make sure to click one of those links and RSVP + add to calendar to help us get our money’s worth! 😉

P.P.S. If you can’t make it to either event live, there will be a recording. But still, let me know you can’t make it + what works better for you, and if I hear enough complaints I might add a third event.