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By Zach Swinehart

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Welcome to DYF University!

Watch the video below for a tour from DYF Co-owner Zach:

We’re working to flesh out our personalized comprehensive course framework, but for now, here’s the way we recommend flowing through our courses…

  1. Double Your Freelancing Rate — You’ll get vital fundamental mindset shifts about positioning, pricing, and sales.
  2. The Blueprint — You’ll learn how to hone a service offering and get clients coming to you
  3. Freelancer Workflow Pack — Specific ConvertKit flows you can duplicate to build out your funnel
  4. DYF Live Conferences 2016 & 2017 — Pick from specific talks to augment your knowledge wherever you need it
  5. Whatever else resonates from your dashboard page!

Thanks again for being here; we’re excited to help you grow the freelance business of your dreams. 😊

— Zach, Brennan, and Laura