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How does your work IMPACT your clients business?

Here’s something I try to always keep at the top of my mind… Clients don’t care about your service, they care about what they think your service will do for…

[Video] The Solution for the “Feast or Famine Freelancer”

🎥 In This Video: You’ll learn the solution to “feast or famine freelancing.” If you implement these steps in your business, you’ll soon escape the “super busy or nothing to…

Quick Tip: How To Build Your Authority & Get Clients *Coming to You*

The #1 thing that made the difference in building enough lead flow to support my 11-person agency was becoming an educator. (Have you seen Zach’s “Practice Being An Educator” idea?)…

How To Earn Six Figures Without Hiring Anyone

Today’s post is part 2 of a previous post that I recommend reading first: “Do you need to grow a team to earn 6 figures?“ Background info from that last…

Do You Need To Grow a Team To Earn 6 Figures?

Today’s post was inspired by a challenge one of our DYF community members – let’s call him Sean – is experiencing. If you’re a freelancer who enjoys your craft (i.e….