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S03 Episode 5: Building Trust Through Roadmapping with Lionel Martin

When you shop for anything, check with the business owners and ask, “How’s business going?” They will be happy to share their thoughts. Roadmapping involves interviewing and understanding a client…

S03 Episode 4: Onboarding and Roadmapping Tailored Around Video with Ian Servin

Learn how to take awesome conversations and translate them into increased scope of works to grow your business with heightened capabilities around marketing. Think about the impact, not just the…

S03 Episode 3: How Meteoric Growth Impacts Sales with Drew Sanocki and Michael Epstein

Advisors lead by developing a trusted relationship with prospects. This takes out a lot of traditional pitching for business and transitions to paid connections. You become more of a consultant…

S03 Episode 2: Why Roadmapping is a Priority with Matty McLain

When your business is small, you need to carve out a niche and engage clients. Know what you can do for them, and put into words what you can deliver….

S03 Episode 1: Roadmapping Strategies with Gabi Logan

My guest today is Gabi Logan, who offers one-on-one coaching and has a recurring revenue knowledge base/database business, retreat center offering events, and weekly webinar. She also does high-end consulting…