S03 Episode 4: Onboarding and Roadmapping Tailored Around Video with Ian Servin

By Brennan Dunn

Learn how to take awesome conversations and translate them into increased scope of works to grow your business with heightened capabilities around marketing. Think about the impact, not just the deliverable. Paint a complete picture of marketing.

My guest today is Ian Servin of Animus Studios, which is a production company that makes videos. Animus has a higher-level, holistic approach of using videos to provide a solution to clients. It focuses on content creation and plans that involve sharing that content and measuring results.

Today’s topics include:

  • Be willing to pay more to reach your end goals with videos for your business
  • Disconnect between sales and production regarding goals and purpose of videos; make the product on the backend aligned with the expectation on the frontend
  • Add intentionality, process, and formalization to deliver in a package that feels like a real product and offering
  • Animus reaches out to new customers or customers contact them with a video need; Animus guides new customers through big picture marketing and setting expectations
  • Onboarding and roadmapping is tailored around video and includes initial question asking and information gathering; never deliver a proposal that is a surprise
  • Animus financially qualifies a client and works with them on a small scale to funnel them into the onboarding package; doesn’t want to waste its or a client’s time and money
  • Discover how to make better content strategically; take ideas to helps customer develop a creative story and think outside of the box to make sales
  • Generate sales and leads through email generation, boots on the ground work at events, and building a content marketing campaign

Resources and links:

Animus Studios