S03 Episode 2: Why Roadmapping is a Priority with Matty McLain

By Brennan Dunn

When your business is small, you need to carve out a niche and engage clients. Know what you can do for them, and put into words what you can deliver. You need to determine whether you want to work with others or not. How do you roadmap your business?

My guest today is Matty McLain, who works for small companies and startups to help them tighten their sales process and get clients. What keeps business owners up at night and bothers them? Matty looks inside the businesses and determines how to make them better.  

Today’s topics include:

  • Craft proposals based on what clients say and address their pain points
  • Purpose of roadmapping to understand and overcome objections
  • Hesitations that clients will hire you; frustrations over wasted research and time
  • Create email list following that generates leads and be active in the community
  • Pitch roadmapping via a call; create roadmapping summary of sales and marketing plan
  • Funnel: Lead comes in; consultation; qualify client for roadmapping; pitch roadmapping; deliverable report; and sell bigger project
  • Silent Killer of Small Business: Giving too many proposals that you don’t win
  • Conversion rates go up when you offer someone a taste of something bigger
  • First dollar is the hardest to make; companies initially go with lower-priced options
  • Time with company leaders to vet them and determine if you want to work with them
  • Trust that your own abilities can impact a business
  • Things to be aware of and consider when thinking about selling paid roadmapping
  • Find a way to charge for value
  • Proposal: Here’s where you’re at, here’s where you want to be; given my experience and our discussions, the best way to get from here to there is…
  • Customer Service Era: People’s expectations are higher; you have to deliver an experience
  • Lessons Learned: Have a process and sell roadmapping as the first step

Resources and links:

Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss

Sandler Training

Dan Pink