S03 Episode 1: Roadmapping Strategies with Gabi Logan

My guest today is Gabi Logan, who offers one-on-one coaching and has a recurring revenue knowledge base/database business, retreat center offering events, and weekly webinar. She also does high-end consulting engagement for travel destinations and serves as a certified executive coach.
On today’s episode, we discuss hurdles she has experienced with roadmapping in her consulting business to get more clients and increase revenue.

Today’s topics include:

  • Client Perspective: Addressing problems in time; clarifying what they need to work on
  • Branding Project: The big picture, what’s hot now, and where people really want to go
  • Consultation/Coaching Structure: Start with phone calls to determine client’s needs
  • Send a form/survey in advance; give a list of recommendations based on responses
  • What have you tried in the past? What worked and what didn’t?
  • Final Question: Is there anything else you would like to tell me?
  • Know mistakes client’s made in the past to avoid proposing the same option
  • Use call as an interview – what’s on your mind? Let client do the talking
  • If you’re not coaching or managing your client, engagement does not end well
  • Don’t be an order taker – strategic input gets less value and rates go down
  • Psychically know what clients want, but client does the work
  • Value your strategic input; roadmapping is a plan for the client
  • Give clients a taste of what it’s like to work with you, and what it’s like to work with clients
  • Market being flooded with incompetent remote providers
  • Curate relationships with clients; build trust and authority with clients early on
  • Having a plan helps prevent imposter syndrome

Resources and links:

Dream of Travel Writing

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