Student Success Story (WIP) with Jennah Lear

By Jennah Lear

Today we have another “WIP” or work in progress student success story to share with you. Jennah has recently gone through Brennan’s free email course, Charge What You’re Worth.

She’s publicly declaring her intentions of growing her graphic design business in today’s blog post based on what she’s recently learned. And we’re going to follow-up with Jennah later this year to see what she’s implemented and how that’s worked out for her. After all, who doesn’t love a good case study?

If you’ve taken DYFR or Charge What You’re Worth and want to accept a similar challenge, share why. (PS: Don’t forget to check out last week’s with Miles Gibson!) 


Jennah Lear is the woman behind Blue Loui Studio, a virtual and print graphic design company.

Here’s an excerpt from an email she recently sent Brennan:

“I’ve jumped from corporate job to job for a few years now, and when my last mission to leave my job and start my freelancing career didn’t work, I went back to a 9-5.

The first few months were okay, I was happy to be able to pay my rent and all. But here I am eight months later, not being able to shake this itch of “wanting more.”

That’s how I stumbled upon your course. ALL of the things you’ve mentioned, I’ve battled myself and clients with. But I pushed through my “I’m not good enough” and “I don’t think I can charge more” obstacles and have applied what I’ve learned along the way.

Currently, I’m still at $60 an hour, but work is pouring in! I think I’ll be able to at least go part-time at my corporate job, or make the jump once again and go full-time freelance (sorry I had to say it).

As I start my business and slip into the CEO role, I know I will be able to raise my rates very soon with no problem, maintain my current clients with the increase and close more deals for new clients.

Now how you’ve directly impacted my journey: hope. It really does come down to being confident in your abilities and knowing that if so and so can pull it off, there’s no way I can’t win at this.

Thank you very much for your FREE information. Keep up the efforts in spreading your knowledge and experience, it’s changing lives my friend.”

After that email, how could we not follow up with a few more questions to learn more about Jennah and her business?

What got you into freelancing? Was it what you expected?

I actually started freelancing due to necessity. It’s always been the goal for me to be in that space.

Yes and no. It’s definitely been a learning experience of trial and error, but there’s no better lesson than the one you learn from falling down a few times and figuring out how to pick yourself back up.

Why did you decide to enroll in Charge What You’re Worth?

As I’ve recently started my journey of entrepreneurship, I’ve been nothing but a sponge. When I stumbled upon the Charge What You’re Worth course, I knew it would be an invaluable resource in my transition; and ultimately it was a topic I struggled with.

What kind of impact did the course have on your business?

It kinda gave me the kick in the butt I needed.

If you ask the question, “Can you charge more and are you worth it?” Yes should always be the answer.

Why would you say no? In realizing this commitment to myself, I understand that my rate needs to match the expertise I’m offering.

What’s currently holding you back from being more successful?

I guess legitimacy. I’m still tinkering on foundational things, so I feel like I’m not ready for my big reveal, but as I continue to build relationships and take on more client work, I’m working towards being in a more confident space.

What would you like to accomplish in your business by the end of 2015?

Two things come to mind when thinking of the answer to this question:

  1. I’d like to leave a trail of happiness and confidence with my clients.
  2. I’d really like to find and close a couple of higher priced projects.

Thanks Jennah for sharing your story! We can’t wait to follow up with you later this year to see how you’re doing with accomplishing those two goals.

JennahJennah Lear is the Owner and Chief Creative for Blue Loui Studio. BLS works with small business owners and solopreneur’s to fulfill graphic needs for both digital and print. Jennah has worked with a variety of companies over the last half a decade, most of her experience stemming from in-house opportunities. She has continued on to work with clients one on one and has loved every bit of the journey. Located in the beautiful rust belt that is Cleveland, OH, she enjoys all the city has to offer; from the tasty foodie scene, to the innovative professionals that Blue Loui Studio has been honored to have worked with.