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Most freelancers are reactive — they wait for new leads to come to them.

The problem is that getting leads reactively depends on luck. Will you get a new client when you need them? Or will you instead need to start looking for a job?

Our in-depth articles and guides on sales and marketing will help you generate high-quality project leads on your own terms, and allow you to eliminate uncertainty and doubt.

Our Views On Sales & Marketing:

  • You should be proactive in how you generate new leads. Find out how.
  • Automate as much as you can so you can spend most of your time billing clients. Find out how.
  • Building an audience is the best way to generate high-quality clients. Find out how.
  • Asking the right questions is what separates premium consultants from everyone else. Find out how.

Whether through 4+ years of in-depth articles, premium courses, the conferences and events I host, or my podcast, my #1 goal is to help you become a more successful freelancer.

Brennan Dunn

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Drip Review: 6 Reasons Why I Trusted My Business To An Upstart Marketing Automation Tool

When I first created my Drip account, there was no billing code written yet to actually charge users and support meant Skyping the founder.

Since then, Drip’s growth — both as a company and as a product — has been massive, and just recently they were acquired by Leadpages. And the product has matured to the point where I trust it to power my 7-figure a year online business.

This isn’t going to be your usual “OMG this is awesome, here’s my affiliate link, go buy” sort of review. (Full disclosure: here IS my affiliate link. I’ll send you a goodie if you sign up with it… details below.)

Rather, I want to talk about how I ended up being able to ditch Infusionsoft with its venture backing and market penetration for an upstart like Drip. And I want to share with you why I’m so excited about the product and where it’s going.

What Does Drip Do?

If you’re reading this post, you probably already know what Drip’s supposed to do.

It does what all the other email marketing automation tools do: opt-in new subscribers, subscribe them to drip email campaigns, and send out the occasional broadcast email.

Attract Clients with Facebook Advertising

(Today’s guest article is from Mojca Mars of Super Spicy Media. Take it away Mojca!)

It’s the feeling of freedom and financial independence that makes being a business owner interesting, fun, and fulfilling.

A lot of us would never go back to working in an office ever again. After all, we’re smart. We’re grown up. We know what we’re doing, and we don’t need someone else to tell us how to do what we do best.

But it’s not always rainbows and butterflies when it comes to running your business. The sole fact that you are totally free when making business decisions can be damning and outright scary as well.

Suddenly you’re responsible for your decisions and your success. No one brings projects to your table anymore. Business growth is in your domain, and if you don’t make it work, scary things can happen. And by scary things, I mean going back to working 8+ hours in an office. Imagine the nightmare!

But business growth can be hard, especially when you’re working with a small team or by yourself.

The feast and famine cycle is something you grew accustomed to. You’re convinced that this is just the way things are.

But they shouldn’t have to be! And fortunately, there is a way out.

So, how can you get out of this cycle without reinventing the processes and spending weeks changing your business in a way that won’t help?

Creating The Ultimate Sales Funnel For Your Freelancing Business

If you’re a freelancer, you probably despise Upwork,, PeoplePerHour, and all the other marketplaces du jour as much as I do.


These marketplaces are full of bottom-of-the-barrel clients. They’re looking to farm out projects to the lowest bidder, and rarely are looking for creative or consultative input.

As evidence, go check out the front page of /r/freelance on Reddit. No matter when you’re reading this guide, I’m almost positive that every other post has something to do with getting screwed over on one of these marketplace platforms.

The Holy Grail of consulting is having your own sales funnel. These are clients who seek you out for your expertise and want to work with you — and you alone.

But how do you create this funnel?

Don’t you need to be famous?

Don’t you need to be a known figure in your industry, someone who regularly keynotes all the big conferences and probably has a book or three out?

(This helps, as you’ll soon find out.)

The answer is no.

Anyone can create a sales funnel. Even you.

Where To Find Non-Jargony Language To Attract Clients

When you look at a zebra you don’t think of camouflage, do you?

There stands the zebra with those incredibly contrasting stripes, and it seems to stand out like a sore thumb.

That’s not the way predators see the zebra.

Those stripes that we think are so conspicuous are extremely hard for predators to spot. Human eyes are exceptionally good at seeing detail in daylight. However, their main predators, lions and hyenas, have eyes with a far poorer resolution by day. In studies done by the University of Calgary, the zebra stripes could only be seen by predators relatively close up. This means that what seems more than obvious to us is almost entirely camouflaged.

Our marketing message appears to have a similar camouflage.

If you’re a freelancer pitching for a project, you’re pretty clear about what you stand for, and what you can do. The moment you have to explain your point of difference to a client, your message falls into a camouflage-trap. You use a tagline or just about any line that doesn’t cause the client to sit up and take notice. And you know what’s worse? Imagine you’re just one of many suppliers pitching for the same project, there’s a pretty good chance your message is going to get lost in the jargon.

The Guide To Writing Great Emails That Win You Clients

Clients judge your emails in a split-second. This article will show you what they look for when they’re deciding to hire you.

When you send a bad email you’re telling a client you can’t be bothered to figure out how you’re valuable.

You’re saying you can’t solve the problems you’re getting paid to solve.

This makes clients have to figure it out for you. Sure they tell you they’ll give it some thought and get back to you.

But. This. Never. Happens.

Your once hopeful email seeps to the bottom of their inbox. It turns cold, dusty, and gray. Weeks or months pass. Occasionally, the client sees it and thinks, “Oh yeah, that email.”

Eventually it begins to chafe away at them. It bugs them. Every passing day the question looms, “what do I think?” Until one day they shrug and click delete.

They exhale and never think about you again.

This is why emails are important.

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