The Business of Freelancing, Episode 30: Trajan King on Building Processes and Procedures to Scale Your Business

By Brennan Dunn

Today’s guest on the Business of Freelancing Podcast is Trajan King. I wanted to talk with Trajan because he has a consulting business built with a focus on having processes and procedures in place.  As Trajan tells us, think about processes and standard operating procedures only if you want to be efficient and make money, if that’s not important to you, then don’t worry about having processes.

Trajan starts by recommending two books to a new entrepreneur, E-Myth Revisited and The Goal.

We talk about the importance of understanding all aspects of your business, even the parts you don’t really like.  Understanding all aspects gives you credibility to your clients as well as any employees you may be hiring.

When you are thinking about the processes of your business, Trajan says the lifeblood is the financial aspect.  We discuss the financial details you should be looking at to to keep your business healthy.   Trajan also takes us through the importance of a sales funnel as it goes from leads through the entire sales process.  We also have some tips on how to train new employees that will give you credibility without making the task cumbersome.

You can reach out to Trajan on his website invinciblestartup.com.  He offers all sorts of  resources for education and mentorship and it’s a full community of entrepreneurs.  You can also hit him up on Twitter @trajanking.

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