The 3 Times Your Clients Are Most Excited About You And Their Project

by Brennan Dunn on Sep 19, 2014 — Get free updates of new posts here

The iPhone 6 came out, and today millions of Apple aficionados will be swapping out the last best-phone-ever with the newest best-phone-ever. For many, this is the most exciting day they’ll ever have with the iPhone 6, shadowed only by “Keynote day”, when Tim Cook announced the phone and it’s features.

Likewise, your clients have times that they’re more excited about working with you and the project.

People are most excited about something when they express interest in that. When you have a prospective client email or call you, they’re at an emotional peak. When they agree to work with you, they’re at another emotional peak. And when you deliver them their project, they’re (usually!) at another emotional peak.

Today I want to talk about these three peaks, and how you can capitalize on them.

The Definitive Guide To Getting Paid As A Freelancer

by Brennan Dunn on Sep 11, 2014 — Get free updates of new posts here

Most articles around the web that talk about small business cash flow or money management or whatever else tend to focus on one thing: “spend less”. Often the advice is around the importance of saving money (duh!) or reducing the number of lattes you drink daily (silly).

This is not that sort of article.

Today I want to focus on how you can get paid faster, get paid more reliably, and never need to worry about whether or not that invoice you sent out will arrive before the rent is due.

The Business of Freelancing, Episode 19: Kurt Elster On The RIGHT Way To Followup With Prospects, Leads, and Clients

by Brennan Dunn on Sep 8, 2014 — Get free updates of new podcast episodes here

We all know how important communication is during the sales process, but for a lot of freelancers knowing how and when to followup is often a mystery.

After you first meet someone, when should you first contact them? How long should you wait before you followup with someone you’ve sent an invoice to? When and how should you pester clients over past-due invoices?

In this episode, I talked with Kurt Elster, an ecommerce consultant from Chicago, and we chatted about some of the communication systems he uses when working with prospects, leads, and clients.

How Freelancers Can Kickstart Their Audience

by Brennan Dunn on Sep 4, 2014 — Get free updates of new posts here

Let’s get real and talk about the one prerequisite needed prior to any discussion around setting your rates, writing proposals, or up-selling retainers and productized consulting.

Finding clients.

For many new freelancers (and even seasoned freelancers) who don’t have a strong referral base or a system for acquiring leads, this is one of the most challenging — and most misunderstood — aspects of the job. Because, well, if you don’t have clients, you don’t have invoices to send and you’re out of business.

The Business of Freelancing, Episode 18: How Mike Taber Funds His Software Company Via Consulting

by Brennan Dunn on Aug 30, 2014 — Get free updates of new podcast episodes here

A lot of freelancers — hell, just about every freelancer I’ve talked to — want to eventually create and sell their own products. But this is easier said than done. Usually something stands in the way: the immediacy of consulting revenue, lack of an idea, or the fear that they’ll build something and it’ll never sell.

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