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Write A Guest Post for Double Your Freelancing

This is a detailed guide for writing a guest post for Double Your Freelancing.

What I’m looking for

  • Original content that tells my readers something new about freelancing, consulting, or running a business. This is simply the most important factor of all.
  • Posts that are backed up by research, charts, data, and expert quotes, not your opinion. It’s easy to write what you think. It’s much harder to produce data that backs up an argument.
  • Substantive discussion. Short posts usually get rejected (though there are exceptions).

Common mistakes with guest posts

  • Writing the guest post before you pitch me. Please send multiple ideas, with bullet-pointed sub-points, and let me suggest the best one for my audience.
  • Not doing your research. First, note how I format and present posts here on Double Your Freelancing, then copy that format and presentation for your posts. Second, read the most popular posts on Double Your Freelancing and understand my worldview. If you’re writing something called “Hacking Upwork” it reveals that you’ve never read my site and its key messages. Educate yourself on the type of content I share.
  • Not sending writing samples. Until I get to know you, you’re a risk. I don’t want my team to spend time emailing back-and-forth if the end result turns out to be a crappy post. And I don’t want to disappoint you by saying “no” after you put in work writing your post. So send writing samples so I can understand if you’re a good fit.
  • Underestimating how long it takes to write a good post. An average post on Double Your Freelancing takes 6-10 hours to write.
  • Making me do additional work. When you submit the final guest post, it should be fully ready to be inserted into WordPress and it will just magically work. This means you should write your byline, format your post, add images on your own server (but also attach them to the email), and otherwise make it 100% ready to go.

Steps to writing a guest post

  1. Read the Double Your Freelancing blog. Read the most popular articles. Sign up for the Free Pricing Course.
  2. Have your own blog or experience writing for other blogs.
  3. Send a quick note with your pitch. Here’s an example:

Subject: 3 guest post ideas: Automating Client Onboarding, Firing Bad Clients, Launching Products as a Consultant

Hi Brennan,

My name is Eleanor and I run My site hosts about 10,000 readers/month. I’m trying to grow it by reaching out to other bloggers. I’m a long time fan of your writing and have taken your Double Your Freelancing Rate course.

I’m interested in writing a guest post for you — something you’ve never posted on — and I have 3 ideas that I think will teach your readers something new:

[1] Automating Client Onboarding
– Some interesting, fresh idea 1
– Some interesting, fresh idea 2
– Some interesting, fresh idea 3

[2] Firing Bad Clients
– Some interesting, fresh idea 1
– Some interesting, fresh idea 2
– Some interesting, fresh idea 3

[3] Launching Products
– Some interesting, fresh idea 1
– Some interesting, fresh idea 2
– Some interesting, fresh idea 3

I know you’re busy, so I can write everything up and send it to you in one document, which you can drop right into WordPress. I’ll handle all editing, bylines, etc (feel free to edit) so this is super-easy for you. Plus, I promise the guest posts will get your readers thinking and talking to each other.

As a next step, just reply back with which topic would be best for your audience (feel free to just send the number for the topic you’re interested in).


– Eleanor

p.s., I recently posted a guest article on the topic of client onboarding on the Shopify blog. Check it out here[link] to get a better idea of my perspective on this topic.

Ready to submit a guest post idea?

Contact us directly and put “Guest post idea” in the subject line. For best results, copy and paste the template from above.