Double Your Freelancing Podcast, Episode 62: Meryl Johnston on Growing a Six-Figure Productized Service

By Brennan Dunn

My guest today is Meryl Johnston, founder of the international accounting agency Bean Ninjas. She has a background in accounting and began her first business as a consultant. She has grown her current business from the ground up and is now generating over $100,000 in recurring revenue through monthly productized bookkeeping services. We discuss her career, how she transitioned to a productized service business and lessons learned along the way.  

Today’s topics include:

  • Transition from consulting to productized services
  • Launching in seven days and growing the business through referrals
  • Developing product offerings and pricing strategy
  • Lessons learned since launch: hiring, customer niches
  • Aligning marketing to customer niche
  • Sales processes for productized services versus consulting
  • Value of informational sales calls


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