Give us 7 months and we'll give you a $100,000+/year freelancing business.

I feel that we've done TONS of progress in just two months! I am really excited about the way it's unfolding. I've been a part of a few masterminds paying way more than I'm paying now, and this one is the one I've had the most business traction in.
- Feedback from Isha, a new student

“I don’t lack information. I just need someone helping me to put it all in place for my business.”

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege and honor of helping tens of thousands of freelancers like you level-up the business behind your business. I’ve created articles, podcasts, courses, conferences, and more. But I kept hearing one thing again and again:

Information overload.

You know what you need to do, but you want help in applying it all to your business.

You don’t want to be told to choose a niche, you want a positioning expert to help you choose YOUR niche.

You don’t just want to know how to write great sales copy for your marketing, you want an expert copywriter to help you with YOUR website.

You don’t want to be told how to market your website, you want a Facebook ads guru to sit down and work with you on YOUR ads.

You’ve told me what you want, and I’ve listened. Over the last 3 years, I’ve assembled an all-star team of subject matter experts — people who keynote conferences, write wildly successful books, and coach freelancers for thousands of dollars a month — to join me in delivering the ultimate transformational course for freelancers and small agency owners like you.

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The Program

If you thought we were going to dump a bunch of video modules on you and wish you good luck, think again! You'll move through our lineup of 7 subject matter experts who will individually work with you to strengthen one particular facet of your business.

Each phase of the program includes personalized live training, assignments, and 1-on-1 assistance and review.

Philip Morgan
You'll learn why it's important to sell to a niche and will work alongside Philip to develop your own positioning: who you serve, what expensive problem you solve for them, and how you do so differently than others.
Brennan Dunn
Brennan will work with you to lay out a strategy to get your new positioning in front of prospects.
Jonathan Stark
Jonathan will teach you how to price and package your new offering, and will help you put into place a sales process you can use with all your future clients.
Gina Horkey
Now that you've established who you're serving and what they need, Gina will teach you how to write spectacular copy — and she'll help you redo your website and its messaging.
Kurt Elster
Next you'll work with Kurt and he'll help you put together automated funnels that drive qualified leads to your new consulting offering.
Mojca Mars
Mojca will help you put into place paid and social media strategies for advertising and promoting your business. Your marketing funnel will ultimately lead people into the automation you've setup with Kurt.
Matt Inglot
You'll now work with Matt to learn how to leverage evergreen content as a way of generating project leads. He'll help you establish your authority in your niche.
Brennan Dunn
Congratulations! You now have a business capable of reliably and sustainably bringing in more than six-figures a year in revenue. Brennan will now work with you to figure out your next steps — whether that's scaling an agency, building your own products, or just owning a great lifestyle business.

Your Own Dedicated Success Coach

After you join, you'll be assigned a dedicated success coach. This is somebody who's #1 concern is helping you overcome any self-doubts, struggles with imposter syndrome, and “I can’t do this” objections that might arise during the course.

We’re going to be reworking a lot of what you’re doing in your business, and we know this is sometimes uncomfortable. Despite our desire to make improvements in our businesses, change is often hard. Your success coach is focused on helping you through the entire process.

Daily Expert Roundtables

Brennan and the teaching staff will be available every Monday through Friday to answer any questions you have for us.

If you're stuck with one of your course assignments or just going through a rough patch with your business and need some advice, you'll be able to join us live, webcam-to-webcam, and ask us anything.

(Expert Roundtables are scheduled to be at least one hour a day, depending on student demand. The times will fluctuate throughout the week to accomodate all time zones.)

That's more than 20 hours a month of access to a team of expert consultants who can dish out the right advice when you need it.

Apply and decide to join before 2017 and get 2 years of Expert Roundtable access (priced regularly at $300/month) included free.

Your Commitment

At the heart of the Academy is you.

We can help help you build a six-figure a year business, but you need to be open and willing to letting us make some major changes in the way you work.

Here's what we'll need from you:

  • Participation in 7 months of live sessions. When we meet with you after you apply, we'll ask you about your weekly availability and assign you to a teacher and success coach schedule that fits your availability. Expect about 4 hours a month of teaching and personal review, and 2 hours a month of meetings with your success coach.
  • Set aside 3-5 hours a week to work ON your business. We're going to have you totally transform your business. Your success coach will keep you focused, and your teachers will both train you and personally work with you on the projects they assign you. You can do this. You just need to schedule time each week to work on the long-term success of your business.
  • A willingness to make use of everything included in the program. We're available live for 20+ hours a month to help you with just about anything. You'll be meeting with your success coach and teachers multiple times a month. And you have access to a 300+ strong community of past students. Invest in the program, and you'll reap the rewards.

Tuition is currently $8,100, or $750 a month when financed over 12 months.

What Happens Next:

  1. You apply online and pay nothing now.
  2. I will be reviewing applications and setting up one-on-one phone calls with you to see if the Academy is a fit for your business and your goals. If it is, we're excited to have you! If it isn't, we'll recommend other resources that will help your business.
  3. You'll put down a fully refundable deposit of $750. This secures your spot in one of the upcoming monthly cohorts. It will also be credited toward your tuition.
  4. Based on your availability, we'll schedule you in one of the upcoming monthly cohorts. We only allow 30 students in a month, and these students are split into groups of 6 (core groups) based on their goals and their schedule.
  5. When your monthly cohort kicks off, you'll meet the other students who are in your core group and your success coach. You'll also pay your tuition at this point or make your first payment (if financing.)
  6. For the next 7 months, you'll work closely with our team of experts. You'll spend 3 weeks working on a particular facet of your business (like positioning), meeting with your teacher each week. You'll then have a week off, and then you'll move to the next teacher.
  7. During the 7 months of the class, you'll have daily Office Hours access to Brennan and the team of teachers.
  8. After you complete the course, you'll have lifetime access to the community (the Facebook group, Freelancers Guild, and our private Slack channel.)

“Brennan and his team completely changed my mindset from a 'freelancer' to running a 'studio'. This course had a direct impact on increasing leads, getting the guts to directly reach out to prospective 'ideal clients', increasing my prices, and properly positioning my proposals to warm leads. It easily pays for itself.”

— Caleb Wojcik

To apply for a no-obligation discussion to see if the Academy is a good fit for you and your business goals, please click the button below.

The next class begins soon.

Apply Now

When arranging monthly cohorts of 30 new students, preference is given to those who applied first.

Answers To Your Questions:

How do the live, teacher-led classes work?

You'll be joining 7 "mini-courses" (phases) that are each led by a subject matter expert. We've tailored these courses to focus on one facet of your business, and each subsequent phase of the program builds on the previous phase.

Each phase is 3 weeks in length, and during that time you and your core group will meet with your teacher. He or she will begin the session by teaching you about a new concept, and then will spend the rest of the session helping you apply what you've learned or helping you with what you were assigned with during the previous session. Each session lasts about an hour, but sometimes goes long based on how the live discussion plays out.

While you're going through each phase, you'll also be getting short assignments multiple times a week over email. These assignments are meant to give you small, 5-minute assignments that can help you sharpen your skills.

At the end of each 3 week phase, you'll have a week off to absorb what you learned and prepare for the next phase.

How do the Masterminds with my success coach work?

You'll be moving through a series of subject matter experts, but we want to make sure you stay grounded and have someone there who owns your success from beginning to end. Twice a month you'll meet with your success coach and your core group for about an hour. During this time, you'll share what you've been working on, what you're struggling with, and what you plan on doing next. These Mastermind sessions help you stay accountable to your coach and your peers.

My schedule is all over the place... will I be able to attend the live meetings?

We do encourage you to block out the time you're going to meet with both your teachers and your success coach. This shouldn't be time you make available to clients for meetings. It's important that you commit to attending each session.

That being said, "life happens." When we meet with you after you apply, we'll ask you about your schedule so we can put you in a core group that meets weekly at a time that works for you. And should you miss a session or two, each is recorded and you'll be able to catch up with your teacher separately over email or chat (sometimes they're available to meet privately at a time that's convenient for you, but there's no guarantee.)

What's the refund policy? And what if I need to drop out?

After you apply and talk with us on the phone, we're going to ask you to put down a deposit to claim your spot in the upcoming cohort. If you decide to not move forward, we'll refund your deposit.

Once the course kicks off, you're eligible for a full refund during the first 30 days if you decide this isn't right for you. After 30 days, we'll pro-rate a refund based on how much of the course you've gone through. (Meaning: If you drop out midway through, we'll refund half your tuition.)

However, because of the rotational nature of the course, if you need to take a pause during the course you can. While we don't encourage it, we'll find a way to help you start back where you left off. We know it's hard to anticipate what the next 7 months of your life will be like, so we'll go above and beyond to make sure that no matter what life throws at you — we're able to help.

What will I need to take this course?

The live sessions are all hosted via Zoom, which is a video conferencing platform. You'll need good Internet, a webcam, and a microphone.

We also ask that you have a strong command of English. And while it's OK to ultimately have your website and marketing material be in another language, we ask that you write it — for the purposes of this class — in English. You can translate it to another language once the teaching staff has had a chance to work with you on refining and improving it.

I'm already really good at X, can I skip that portion of the course?

The course is systematic — each phase builds on the previous phases, and contributes toward future phases. If you're an ace at a particular subject that we cover, that's an opportunity to contribute to the discussions and help support your peers — just like other members will help support you at times. Plus, we have a very opinionated take on every subject we cover in this course. There's a very strong chance what we think "content marketing" (for example) means isn't what you think it means!

Who is the ideal applicant?

You've been freelancing or running a small agency for a while, and have hit a plateau in your business. You're struggling to setup processes and systems in your business, but you keep falling back to the way things have always been and you're not actually growing. You have an investment mindset and are willing to commit to a course like this and make incremental and constant changes toward the long-term success of your business. And finally, you're OK with tough love when appropriate :-)

Still have a question or two? Send us an email