Double Your Freelancing Podcast, Episode 61: Barry O’Kane on How He Chose a Niche and Went Location Independent

By Brennan Dunn

Today I’m talking with Barry O’Kane on niching down and creating a location independent business. He’s a Double Your Freelancing Academy student who has been working with Philip Morgan for the past few months while living in Edinburgh, Scotland and running his online business: Happy Porch. Barry has over 15 years experience in the web development industry and became location independent four years ago.

Today’s topics include:

  • Double Your Freelancing new drip email marketing automation course  
  • The importance of using Mastermind groups to improve focus in your business
  • Mastermind group structure, leadership and relationships
  • Running a distributed team using structured communication processes
  • Recent evolution of Double Your Freelancing Academy
  • How Barry founded his company Happy Porch


Resources and links:

Drip Email Marketing Automation – Double Your Freelancing Course

Double Your Freelancing Academy

Happy Porch