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Double Your Freelancing Podcast, Episode 55: Introducing the Double Your Freelancing Academy

Hey everybody, this is Brennan welcome to the brand-new Double Your Freelancing podcast. Everything is now under the Double Your Freelancing umbrella. This episode doesn’t have an interview. That is intentional, because I wanted to talk to you about the biggest and most exciting thing I have ever done business wise.

This is the product or course that Double Your Freelancing is going to be known for.

Two years ago, I launched Double Your Freelancing Clients. The point of this course was to be the yin to the yang of Double Your Freelancing Rates, and to show freelancers how to get more clients. Now, it is time to unveil the Double Your Freelancing Academy. Get details and an insider’s scoop on the Double Your Freelancing Academy in today’s episode.


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Brennan is a champ. He always has actionable items to follow and his advice is spot on. With his help I’ve already snagged a new project at a rate 3X my original rate. I like his guests and they add more depth to the show.

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