The Business of Freelancing, Episode 32: Dave Nevogt of Hubstaff on Effective Virtual Team Communication

Welcome to the latest episode on Business of Freelancing. One of my favorite things to do on my show is bring in niche experts, the kind of experts who are amazing at building a freelancing business and who can teach you how to get better clients. On today’s episode, I uncover what clients are thinking when they start hiring freelancers. I find out why some hire the way they hire and why they turn away certain candidates.  I interview Dave Nevogt, co-founder of – a team management platform online connection freelancers with clients – and ask him what’s going through his head when he’s hiring new freelance positions.

Dave hires a lot of freelancers, so he knows exactly what he’s looking for when he posts jobs and starts interviewing candidates. Key personality traits that stand out are go-getter attitudes who are proactive. The process Dave goes through to hire a freelancer involves understanding their availability and how their attitude affects their work. During our conversation, Dave offered key insight into how you can professionally portray these traits through email and how a proactive modification to your portfolio can make all the difference.

Along with his helpful tips, Dave mentions that there are a few things freelancers do that can sour relationships with clients. He advises every freelancer to follow these rules in order to avoid the most common freelance mistakes:

  • Maintain high quality work
  • Ask for more time when you need it
  • Understand the business goal behind what you’re doing
  • Keep evolving with new and creative content

In this episode, Dave offers useful insights into how you can maintain your clients and continue to build new relationships and expand your business. You can get even more from his blog, and his website, or email him directly at [email protected].  You can also reach out to Dave on Twitter @DNevogt

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