The Business of Freelancing, Episode 46: Keith Perhac and Building a Global Business

By Brennan Dunn

Today I’m talking with a good friend of mine, Keith Perhac. Keith is the founder of the digital marketing consulting agency DelfiNet and the online course software Summit Evergreen. He has managed to build a thriving consultancy agency while working remotely in Japan. Working remotely, can be an issue for many freelancers, but Keith says he is there when his clients wake up and there again when they go to bed. He says it’s like magic when they tell him what they want, and it is done for them when they wake up.

Keith credits being able to build a thriving consultancy agency through meeting and talking to people. Most of his clients are referral based, and he got started through contacts he had made doing earlier work. He feels that just talking to people and finding out what their problems are and telling them what he does is a great way to connect. He doesn’t have expectations he just talks with people. Down the road, these conversations can lead to potential business connections.

Today’s topics include:

  • How to structure project management in a different time zone
  • Having a US based account manager allows a time buffer for clients
  • Advice for rural freelancers managing direct clients
  • Networking and just talking to people can lead to meeting clients
  • How helping people increases your chances of making quality business relationships
  • Strategies for talking to people that can lead to referrals

Going into conversations with the desire to truly help people is the best way to make connections. Keith says that when you are there to help people they will recognize that. He also suggests being open to talking to everyone, because you never know where that chain of referrals will begin. A great conversation starter is just to ask people what they do. Taking an interest and allowing people to talk is more effective than trying to pry.

Resources and links:


Summit Evergreen


“If you’re just looking in your own niche, you’re probably not going to find anyone that needs your services” – Keith

You can find out more about Keith and how to start products from a technology and marketing standpoint at his website.

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