The Business of Freelancing, Episode 28: How Matt Olpinski 15x His Project Income and Quit His Job

By Brennan Dunn

Welcome to the Business of Freelancing Podcast. My guest today is Double Your Freelancing student Matt Olpinski.

Before we jump into the interview, I want to share that in addition to this show I’m going to soon begin producing a daily question and answer podcast, called Freelance Answers.  This will be a great way to share the questions that a lot of you have and show the variety of topics that come up in my discussions with readers of the blog.  Checkout the new #FreelanceAnswers page to learn more about the show.

In this episode of The Business of Freelancing, I catch up with Matt as he is preparing for his last day of work at his job and his first day of full time freelancing.  Matt designs custom web and mobile solutions that grow startups and small businesses.  While he worked as a freelancer through college and beyond, Matt now finds himself in the position of a full time freelancer.

Aside from his regular job, Matt has done a number of freelance projects through the years.  He said he hit an eventual plateau with outside jobs. He then checked out my website, and read over some of my material that helped him realize that he could be doing a whole lot better by changing his positioning a little.  That led to a redesign of his website, which then led to a huge influx of new work.  Matt said it became a matter of how he presented his information and letting the client know what he could do for their business.

We talked about the importance of having a foundation for your business and how that helped Matt set up the pipeline for additional work.  Also, blog posts and other information you put on your website can lead to getting clients.  If they’ve read what you posted and look at you as the expert in the field, they’ll be more likely to consider hiring you when they need your services.

In addition to his freelance work, Matt has plans for the future which include e-books for people who are looking to hire freelancers, growing his current newsletter and continuing his blog posts.  When I asked Matt what he was the most afraid of and most excited for as he takes the full-time freelance plunge, his answer was the same for both and he explains why.

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As a quick reminder, The Business of Freelancing Conference will be September 16-18 in Norfolk, VA. Tickets are on sale now.  Matt will be at the conference, so you can catch up with him directly there.

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