The Business of Freelancing, Episode 1: Welcome!

By Brennan Dunn

Show Notes

  • Double Your Freelancing Rate
  • Planscope
  • Little Stream Software
  • Eric’s 3 ebooks: Refactoring RedmineRedmine TipsAuthoring Ebooks
  • Listening to podcasts as a focused way to get content
  • Distraction free time
  • Bettering your business
  • Actionable information to apply to your business today
  • Translate ideas from people and books into actionable tasks
  • Future show ideas
  • Marketing ROI, how to track the return of a marketing activity.
  • Pricing Methods, the different ways to price.
  • Content Marketing, writing and creating content like blogs, articles, and videos to generate leads.
  • Webpage design and conversion optimization.
  • How do you talk to a client, business-speak vs developer-speak vs designer-speak.
  • Open for more ideas.
  • Want to interview experts, listeners, and people who hire freelancers. “Feel free to volunteer other people”
  • Kalzumeus podcast

Next Week

Marketing ROI.


Eric – WooThemes. Premium WordPress themes. Canvas and Whitelight.
Brennan – Ramit Sethi on the Kalzumeus Podcast Getting Your First Consulting Client and Why Your Customers Would Be Happier If You Charged More

Action steps

Just like what we are doing here, this week try something new that you’ve wanted to. Either start a blog (or bring it back to life), email a high end lead you’ve been afraid of, get out of your comfort zone, try raising your rates, etc.