In designing this course, I wanted to make sure that I set my students up to be as successful as possible. I ended up coming up with 5 things I needed this course to achieve — I call these the "5 Promises"…

Promise #1 You'll be given an actionable framework that will allow you to sell high-value freelancing services.

Immediately upon purchasing the course, you’ll get all the information you need to learn how to price your services and sell high-value contracts. Here’s what we cover in the 169 page course workbook (comes in PDF, Mobi, and ePub formats)...

  1. Understanding Your Clients
    Why Do We Become Freelancers? • What Do Clients Want? • How Do You Qualify Clients? • How To Understand The "Pain" Behind The Project • Quantifying A Project's Financial Upside • How To Uncover The Solution Your Clients Need • Client Types You Should Avoid
  2. Your Rate
    The Science Of Pricing • How To Avoid Commoditization • How And Why To Reduce Risk Of Failure • Project Types And Billing Structures • Value-Based Pricing • How To Determine Your Rate • How To Be 100% Confident In Your Rate
  3. How To Close The Deal
    When To Propose To A Prospective Client • How To Sell Paid Estimates (Roadmaps) • How To Structure And Write Your Proposals • How To Introduce Packages To Maximize And Anchor Your Prices • How To Handle Pushback From Clients
  4. The Path Forward
    How To Sell Retainers (That Are More Than Just Blocks Of Time) • How To Productize Your Consulting • How To Raise Rates On Existing Clients • How To Become An Über Consultant

Promise #2 You'll hit the ground running with the contracts, templates, scripts, worksheets, and video case studies I've included.

I’ve also included 15 interviews totalling over 6 hours of video with successful students from all walks of life. In these case study interviews, I find out what roadblocks (mental or actual) held them back from charging more...

  • Nick Hance Agency Owner
  • Bart Mroz eCommerce Consultant
  • Chad Owen Video Producer
  • Ciprian Gavriliu UX Designer
  • Curtis McHale WordPress Developer
  • David Olesch Mobile and Web Developer
  • David Tanzer .NET Developer
  • Glenn Stovall Web Developer
  • Kai Davis Marketing Consultant
  • Keith Perhac SEO Consultant
  • Matthew Lehner Web Developer
  • Parveen Kaler iOS and Android Developer
  • Robert Williams Web Designer
  • Shanna Kurpe Marketing Agency Owner
  • Vangos Pterneas Mobile Developer

And I wanted to make sure you have all the documents, templates, and more you need to put into action the framework...

  • Master Services Agreement / Non-Disclosure This is the contract I use with all of my clients. I paid over $10,000 to a lawyer who specializes in working with services companies for this beast.
  • Statement of Work Template This is the statement of work template I use on all of my projects.
  • Proposal Template This template works alongside the third section of the course book. It's helped me and many of my students reliably win five and six figure projects.
  • Retainer / Productized Service Template This contract template is tailored for retainers and ongoing client engagements.
  • Sales Process Flowchart This cheatsheet gives you an outline of how you should qualify, sell, and onboard your clients. No need to skim through the course book each time a new prospect comes your way.
  • Client Qualification Script A ready-to-go script you can use to quickly qualify new clients.
  • First Client Meeting Template A document that overviews the structure and flow of your first client meeting. (As you'll discover in the course, preempting clients with a first meeting syllabus helps put you in control of the sales process.)
  • Roadmapping Sell Sheet Script Roadmapping is a topic I cover extensively in the course. In short, it's a way to sell project estimates to your clients. This is a script you can use to sell this service.
  • Roadmapping Overview Template A document that overviews the structure and goals of a Roadmapping session. You'll use this to both sell your clients on Roadmapping and to structure your sessions.

Promise #3 You'll join a community that includes fellow students, mentors, and me.

After you receive your course materials, the last thing I want is for you to work at changing your business alone. The single best thing I ever did for my business was to surround myself with accountability partners — and I know you'll experience the same once you become a member of our community.

Once you join the course, you’ll be given access to the Freelancers Guild, which is a private community I run for my students. Within the Guild, you’ll meet hundreds of other students like you. Here you can chat with others about the progress you’re making, share ideas, successes, and frustrations, and even partner up with others on client projects.

Promise #4 You won't fall behind.

It’s easy to buy training and let it collect digital dust. For the next two months, I’ll email you every few days with followup lessons, bonuses, and worksheets (much like the ones you filled out in my free email course). I’ve structured the followup to be a bit like a book club: we’ll walk through the entire course book together, and we’ll make sure you end each module knowing exactly what to do to apply it to your business.

Promise #5 You'll have all your questions answered by me.

Finally, I wanted to ensure that every student had access to me. There are plenty of courses that give you lots of great information, but if you get stuck… you’re on your own. So once you’re through the course, you’ll be invited to join me for a live Q&A office hours session. Here I’ll be able to answer any questions you have about the course, and give you the sort of specific feedback and advice that you just can’t get from a general purpose course.

(Since first creating this course over 3 years ago, Double Your Freelancing Rate has helped close to 6,000 freelancers gain the confidence and know-how they needed to justify a higher rate and build a more profitable and sustainable business.)

About Your Instructor

I'm Brennan Dunn, and for the last decade I've been working with clients. I started out as a freelancer, and after 3 years my business grew to an agency of 11 employees and a $2 million in annual revenue.

I love freelance consulting, but I'm hell-bent on helping other freelancers learn how to master the BUSINESS of freelancing. A lot of us (myself included) started freelancing because we're technically solid... but end up learning the hard way being successful is much more than just being good at what we do.

In addition to this course, I also write and podcast weekly for my audience of over 28,000 freelancers. I'm also the founder of Planscope, a project management tool. I live in Virginia with my wife, two daughters, three cats, one dog, two guinea pigs, and pet rat.

Are you ready to join?

If you’re serious about changing the way you do business, and want a framework that you can use in your business AND support from a community of other business-minded freelancers, then joining is a no-brainer. At most, it costs a few hours at your billable rate, but will yield tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in additional revenue for you and your family over the next few years.

I back this course with a full money-back guarantee. If you promise to do the work and apply it to your business and you can’t move your business forward, just email me and I’ll gladly refund you. (Quick statistic: My refund rate is at about 0.3% — the framework works for just about every type of freelancer out there.)

You'll be joining thousands of others who are winning more projects and charging more:

"I was pitching a new lead, and used your proposal template. In my interview with them, I made sure to get some hard figures so I could anchor my price. I gave them two options; the first I was barely comfortable with, because it was more than I'd ever asked for for a project, and the second? A long shot I threw in because why not?

Today, I just signed my first 5-figure project...and they took the long shot option. I literally screamed and ran around the house flapping my arms.

I wouldn't have had the nerve to pitch like this, or to ask for what I'm truly worth, without your stuff. You just got yourself a fangirl for life. I will name my next cat after you. I may even rename my husband after you, if he's amenable."

— Tracy B. sold her first five-figured contract

"Before DYFR I was happy to freelance at $100/hr for whomever. I worried exclusively about my code. Now, I'm walking up my price and running up my value."

— Miles S. raised his rate from $100/hour to $6,000 a week

"I am so happy I purchased this course. The course book is awesome, but I already see what makes this course so doable are the accountability emails. They are keeping me focused on the course and the material and reinforcing the key principals outlined in the course.

I am still a long way from where I want to be in terms of what I charge, but I've increased by base starting point prices by 40% since starting the course. I've been struggling with pricing for years, and I sincerely believe this course -- and applying what you are teaching -- is going to finally get me over this undercharge syndrome I've been stuck in for years!

Thanks so much much for the thought and care that you have put into this course."

— Yael R. raised her rates by 40% within a month of joining

"I recently used your proposal template to bid on a "side-project" for $2000/week for 5 weeks. They quickly agreed and sent the 2 week deposit. Not bad for something that will be no more than 10 hours/week in addition to my full-time job. Thanks!"

— Aaron V. won a $2,000/week contract after joining the course

"Is this course right for me?"

"I’m a [fill in the blank] freelancer. Aren't you a web developer?"
Thousands of freelancers — designers, developers, writers, bloggers, and even lawyers — have successfully taken my course and are now charging more. I've intentionally left the course technology and "what you do" agnostic.

"I’m just starting out (or haven’t yet). Should I wait?"
Probably not. The course is designed to help you learn why clients hire (or don't hire) you, and how to use these universal truths to help you win more business at a higher rate. 99.9% of new freelancers, especially those coming from the corporate world, don't understand this — and often fail as a result. However, if you can't afford the course, don't buy it yet. Get a client or two at low rate, and then come back to learn how to price the right way.

"I can’t start the course now, but I want the discount. How does that work?"
The course never ends. New people join the Guild daily, and I run the Q&A sessions monthly. You will start to get the accountability emails once you join, but you can file them away to a folder in your inbox for later review. All that's guaranteed is 1) the price of this course does go up as I add new content and 2) the discount window is automatic — I can't make manual exceptions.

"What if I don’t participate in the Guild or Q&A?"
That's OK, but I'd really try to encourage you to. Being able to go in front of a bunch of people with similar goals and stating, "Hi, I'm so-and-so. This is where I am, this is where I plan to be, help me get there!" is hugely motivating, as is keeping yourself accountable as you go down that path. You have access to me and thousands of others — and we want to help you. You can do this :-)

"How quickly can I expect to raise my rates?"
One thing I stress in the course is that there's no such thing as a "gatekeeper". No one but you determines how much you charge. My course gives you the practical means to justify charging a higher rate. Conceivably, you could blaze through the entire course in a day and win a huge proposal the next day. It's happened before. My goal is to help you understand your worth, and to be able to justify — to your clients and yourself — a rate that's higher than what you're charging now. This is all backed by a lot of psychology and experience, and has helped thousands of freelancers learn how to justify a more-than-market rate.

"What happens after I buy?"
Immediately upon joining the course, you'll be sent the course book, worksheets, templates, scripts, and videos. You'll also get an email from me a few minutes later with some suggestions on going through what I just sent. A few hours later, your Guild account will be ready and I'll send you the instructions for joining. And then for the next two months, I'll be checking in every few days with additional insights and thoughts about each module of the course, along with a worksheet for you to fill out. And finally, once you've made your way through the course, you'll be invited to join me for a live question and answer session.

"Will new content get added?"
All the time. Whenever I roll out new sections of the course book, templates, videos, or whatever, you'll get an email update from Gumroad (who I use to distribute the course). Just make sure not to unsubscribe to these emails, otherwise you won't get any future updates.

"I still have questions!"
And hopefully I have the right answers! Email with a question or two and I'll get back to you.

The real reason I want you to join...

I run a software startup that provides project management for freelancers and consultants. Can you guess what the #1 reason that people cancel is? "I went out of business."

Most freelancers end up failing. And they don't fail because they're incapable of doing the work. Rather, they fail because they don't know the business behind their craft. As freelancers, we end up wearing a lot of hats: we need to market, sell, propose, invoice, collect, plan, and more. The reason we went out on our own — our passion for creating things — is just one of our job responsibilities.

I've seen a lot of people go back to the cubicle... and it's almost always avoidable. "Selling" doesn't need to be scary or something icky. Selling freelancing services is just aligning the value you're capable of delivering (your product) with the need of a customer. That's it. And if you do great work (which you probably do), selling is a GOOD thing.

I acquired the strategies and tactics I put into this course after a lot of stumbling through the dark. I lost a lot of money experimenting how I position myself and my team to prospective clients. You could do the same — but just know it can take years to master understanding the value that you bring to your clients, and selling them on that value.

...Or if you don't want to wait around and experiment, you can take a giant leap forward and equip yourself with the tactics, tools, and accountability you need to grow your freelancing business. That's what Double Your Freelancing Rate is.