Membership Development Roadmap

Help shape the future of your DYF Membership experience!

Last updated April 25, 2023

Here’s what’s coming up for our DYF Members…

DYF Accelerator

(DYF Accelerator is our premium freelancer’s support community. Learn more here.)

  • Weekly office hours — currently planned for Wednesdays at 11am Eastern. (Click here to tell me if that doesn’t work for you)
  • Weekly live Accelerator Sessions — currently planned for Mondays at 11am Eastern. (Click here to tell me if that doesn’t work for you)

DYF Accelerator members can view upcoming events scheduled in the Circle community here.

NOTE: The events are run by Zach (who lives in Estonia) and the events are structured to create overlap with US & Europe time. If we have enough community interest in Asia / Australia, Zach can host events in the morning his time, which would be evening in Asia/Aus. Click here to express your interest in this.

DYF University

(DYF University is our “all access pass” membership to all of our courses. Learn more here.)

📹 Next Beta Course*

Voting is now open for the next beta course* (members, vote here).

Options are:

  • Goal setting
  • Start the right type of freelance business / agency
  • Time management
  • Investing & retirement fundamentals
  • Processes & SOPs
  • Client onboarding

⌨️ Next Implementation Intensive**

Voting is now open for the May, 2023 Implementation Intensive** (members, vote here).

Options are:

  • Processes & onboarding — Leave with a fully set-up onboarding process flow and automation
  • Building a lead magnet and funnel — Leave with a fully set-up lead magnet and funnel that your prospective clients can start receiving
  • Goal setting workshop — Leave with a solid framework for setting goals and keeping track of progress

🎓 Current Next Full Course Focus:

  • Get Your First Clients / How to Find Clients course
    • Why: The Blueprint is all about getting clients to come to you. But for newer freelancers, a first step that generally needs to happen is learning how to go out and find clients

🛠️ Current Course Improvement Focus:

  • Honing parts of the process for The Blueprint, based on where students have been getting stuck
  • Releasing in-progress video content update for Double Your Freelancing Rate

* Beta courses are the “first rounds” of courses, generally taught in live one-hour sessions by Zach. Once we’ve taught a beta course and students have “implemented it in the wild,” we hone the content and framework based on feedback, augment it with student experiences and additional expert opinions, and then re-shoot it as a “full course”

** Implementation Intensives are live workshops that provide accountability and guidance to put a specific strategy in practice RIGHT NOW. They’re action-oriented and made specifically for eliminating the gap that exists between “learning a thing” and “doing that thing.”