Live Double Your Freelancing Rate Q&A + Roadmapping Workshop — January 2023


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00:00:00 – 00:06:59 – Hellos & Introductions

Part 1: How to hit the ground running with Double Your Freelancing Rate (00:06:59 – 00:38:39)

How to best (and most quickly) implement what you’re learning in Double Your Freelancing Rate to hit the ground running in 2023 and start transforming your freelancing business and raising your rates.

Q&A in this part:

00:17:58 – Question: Can you please share some of your story that combines increasing your rate, using the blueprint, and roadmapping to get your agency to 1.8 million? Did you have any issues overcoming beliefs about money, clients, or business that hindered you? How did you do that? (Robert)

00:29:16 – Question: I currently have two clients at $125/hr and another at $150/hr. I’d like to eventually get to $200/hr or $250/hr. Does this seem too high or unreasonable? Should I lower my hopes? (Ryan)

Part 2: Roadmapping workshop (00:38:50 – 01:17:02)

How to build on what you’re learning in Double Your Freelancing Rate by offering paid roadmapping sessions to clients.

As you raise your rates, having structures in place for paid roadmapping becomes very important, because it gives you and the client an opportunity to “test the waters” and see how you work together before they commit to investing $20k, $30k, $50k etc.

Roadmapping Q&A:

00:38:39 – Question: How do you avoid undercharging for a project in the case where requirements may not of been clear enough? (Pat)

00:44:32 – Question: These days we talk a lot about “value pricing” since really no one wants to hire you by the hour, you’re not high priced day labour are you? Do you have formulae or something to guide you to your “value” pricing fee? We want the client to experience the transformation or end goal and have them envision what that might be for them and their business beforehand so that we can price accordingly for that transformation or end goal and have them emotionally accept our fee first then logically justify it but how do we get them to the vision in the first place? I don’t do proposals for the fact that it is a waste of my time mostly if not accepted and frankly I do not do upfront work for free just for someone to take it (my proposal) and go somewhere else. (John)

00:53:45 – Question: “As I move through the course, I’ve begun to implement the strategy of selling a roadmapping session/paid proposals to all new clients during our initial meeting.

Even though I send these new prospective clients a meeting agenda that outlines what is basically the Socratic method based on your recommended outline and then confirm that agenda in a confirmation email, I am still having issues where these new prospective clients want to discuss the HOW of their project instead of the WHY. This not only causes the focus of the meeting to go off the rails but it also causes the meeting to go much longer than my allotted 30 minutes.

Can you recommend some techniques (and perhaps some examples) of keeping control over the focus of these initial meetings? Or is that something that just will come with practice? (Diana)

01:09:35 – Question: Could someone ever successfully swing paid roadmapping sessions from a job board? (Zach)

01:12:27 – Question: I don’t have my first client yet and I don’t know where to get any. How am I supposed to do all of this roadmapping stuff if my only idea on getting clients is Upwork? What would be a good trajectory for me to get my first clients, do roadmapping for clients and get better clients? (Zach)

Part 3: Open Q&A (01:17:02 – 02:51:58)

01:17:02 – Question: how to find/identify a suitable and profitable audience for me to focus upon? (Reinis)

01:32:46 – Question: How do you manage the inherent sting of rejection (re: potential clients being priced out) that comes with charging high prices, especially for something with a less financial ROI like executive coaching? (Jason)

01:36:38 – Highlight: Getting testimonials from clients

01:40:49 – Question: “How to zero in on a profitable niche that clients will happily pay for?

I have had some success with helping clients with content creation, landing page development, and email marketing and had multiple $5k months but haven’t been able to sustain that because clients when a client goes from $2k to $4k/month payment they get restless and discontinue the relationship.

I have not been able to find one service that clients will pay good money on a continuous basis.” (Priya)

01:53:45 – Question: I have a strong specialization on a technical niche (real time systems expert). How do I apply the DYF concept in this situation; For a normal business this skill gains no value. But those clients who have that kind of problems where my skills provide value, hire by skills and know the market rate? (John)

01:55:35 – Highlight: Closer to the money aspect discussion

02:06:28 – Question: How does AI change our value proposition? Do you have recommendations or experiences with being compared to what AI could deliver? (Guenter)

02:09:53 – Question: I have some past projects and clients, but nothing fancy. How could I demonstrate expertise without showing previous client work and testimonials? Are side projects a solution? (Marius)

02:21:13– Question: How does the recent changes in world economy change or impact the course content and recommendations? How does it change the value proposition we have as consultants? (Guenter)

02:30:43 – Highlight: Weekly rate discussion

02:48:18 – Question: When trying to command higher rates is it better to market myself as an individual freelancer/consultant or as an agency/firm? (Wilfred)

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