"6-Figure Freelancer" Name Vote 👍/👎

Hey, Zach here.

I’m wrapping up a course that’ll get you high-paying clients predictably (and at scale).

It’s the step-by-step path to grow your freelance income to ~$200k/yr.

But I’m stuck on the name.


“6-Figure Freelancer” sorta under-sells the transformation, compared to “Multi-6-Figure Freelancer”…

Many freelancers hit $100k without doing much “special stuff.”

But $100k/yr → $200k/yr is hard.

You usually have to “know some marketing stuff” to pull it off. (Or get super lucky)

This course fixes that.

It gives a framework that takes students from “doing good work and waiting around for referrals…”

To “knowing exactly what levers to pull for $20k/mo”.


“6-Figure Freelancer” is easier to say, more brandable, rolls off the tongue, every freelancer wants it, etc.

It also slots nicely into the “3 master track plan” I'm working on for DYF courses:

  1. ~$70k/yr — Get first clients and initial traction (coming in Q3/4; “5-Figure Freelancer?”)
  2. 👉 ~$200k/yr — This one (Coming in August)
  3. ~$1m/yr+ — Productization, delegation, marketing automation (The next version of our “The Blueprint” course)

If we have a 5-figure→6-figure→7-figure naming convention, it’s easy for peeps to know which track they should be in.

So… What say you?

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Which name do you prefer for the course? (and book)*

Thanks <3
— Zach