Accelerator Session v0.3

By Zach Swinehart

Goal Setting | Accountability | This Week’s Best Community Nuggets

NOTE: I am adding 3 of these to the calendar this week to accommodate various timezones. They are all the exact same, so only come to one.

This is the first week trial of the new experimental community structure v0.0.3, so let me know what you think of it!


0:00 — 0:10

Welcome, sharing wins & cool finds/tools/hacks, “best of the community this week” recap

We’ll share wins, successes, and “best-of” knowledge to get the most valuable knowledge in the shortest amount of time.

0:10 — 0:20

Goal review + set next week’s #1 goal

We’ll check in on how we did with our previous week’s #1 goal, refine, and set our #1 goal for next week.

0:20 — 0:29

Community announcements & upcoming events + burning Q&A

Zach will share upcoming events or announcements about the community, and if anyone has random burning Q&A/needs some community input, this window acts as a buffer for that.