The Business of Freelancing, Episode 49: Alex Mathers on Kickstarting Your Audience

By Brennan Dunn

Today we are speaking with Alex Mathers. Alex is an illustrator who specializes in vector illustrations, maps, diagrams and landscapes. He is also a blogger and writer. He runs the Red Lemon Blog which helps creative entrepreneurs market and promote their businesses. He has worked for clients like Google, Sony and the BBC. He is also a speaker and does one on one coaching for select clients. He lives in London, UK, and he also runs the Ape on the Moon design blog.

Alex studied geography in London. After that, he wasn’t sure what he really wanted to do, so he studied real estate and received a Master’s degree. During this time, he got back into what he really enjoyed which was creating illustrations. At first, this was part time, then full time, then he felt he needed to share everything that he had been learning with the world, and Red Lemon was born.

Now he coaches creatives of all kinds on how to market their businesses. He stumbled on the list concept where having a limited network that he looks at manually as one of his most effective strategies. His simple strategy is to build a list of 150 people that can help your business. These people need to know you in some way, even if it is just responding to an email list.  They also need to be useful to your business in some way. Having everyone that is important to you in one place allows for easy communication and networking.

Today’s topics include:

  • You can have an agent, but build your own marketing channels as well 
  • Lists aren’t static, they evolve over time, taking out and adding new value 
  • Having an influence score helps grow the value of the list
  • Have a small list of 20 for connections you want to add (additions list) 
  • Check the list frequently, and reach out manually to everyone at least every two months 
  • Show an interest to help, some can lead into a pitch if appropriate 
  • It’s a game of quality interactions, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Resources and links:

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