Course Companion Dev Roadmap

The Course Companion is an ever-evolving tool, and my goal is to make it as helpful as possible for you!

I encourage you to send me requests, bugs, and brutally honest feedback — just email me at


— Zach


Here are the top priorities that I’m aiming to get implemented ASAP:

  1. Remind you of where you left off in a course so that you can quickly jump right back in
  2. Add “implementation steps” to all course lessons & modules so that the Course Companion can remind you of what you should be working on
  3. Encouragement and recommendations based on how you’re succeeding/struggling in the areas of learning & implementation


  • Show metrics of how you’re performing relative to your goals, both over the course of the past week, and in aggregate
  • Gamification and awarding points based on reaching goals & checking in consistently
    • Building in some actual tangible rewards for points gained
  • … And about a million other things I’ve got in my Notion list.