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Bootstrapping and Products

Brennan Dunn
Laura Elizabeth
Brennan Dunn, Zach Swinehart, & Laura Elizabeth Co-Owners,

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The Guide To Creating Email Courses

Last week, I described how a basic 5 day email course fueled by a Facebook ad campaign is my total marketing effort for selling my latest product, WordPress Conversion Funnel….

How I Went From An Idea To Paying Customers In 3 Days

When you see someone with thousands of newsletter subscribers, Twitter followers, or whatever other statistic often equates with success, it’s easy to get discouraged and give up on starting or…

Products: The Best Investment You’ll Make In Your Business

Disclaimer: Today’s post is all about how to build your first product. If you’re struggling to find clients or are barely managing to stay in business, I’d recommend working on…

Sell More Than Just Information

This week, I launched my latest book: The Blueprint. And unlike my first book, I’m actually selling three versions of the product, at very different price points and each for…