The Business of Freelancing, Episode 53: Budi Voogt on Finding Points of Leverage

By Brennan Dunn

Hello everyone, today I am talking to Budi Voogt. He is an awesome guy from the Netherlands. He runs a recording label consultancy. I love looking beyond the typical web designer, copywriter, marketer kind of business and seeing how other types of entrepreneurs are successfully charging more, getting better clients,  and putting systems in place.

Budi is in the Hague, Netherlands. He went to school for Business Administration. Then started working in artist management and booking. From 2012 to 2014, he was Co-Founder of Heroes Managment which is now merging into Heroic Audio. He wrote “The SoundCloud Bible” and created the Music Marketing Academy.

Today’s topics include:

  • The music industry was a gate-keeper model, but technology has disrupted the industry
  • Instead of convincing gate-keepers to take notice, Budi and his crew focus on the online model for marketing and distribution
  • A lot of creatives struggle with having buyers for their service, Budi’s agency noticed that the online marketing model was really taking off and validated their path to entry using SoundCloud
  • SoundCloud was working to launch digital music, Budi’s agency started their own label, and he wrote The SoundCloud Bible
  • The consulting they do now, is more like music management, they represent the artists on a yearly or bi-yearly contract
  • They have invested very heavily in a few artists that they really believe in
  • This has now led to much bigger returns developing careers for these artists
  • People take you more seriously when you have authored a book, The SoundCloud Bible is great for marketing, Budi is the SoundCloud guy
  • To start out, find the pain point of your audience or what you are struggling with, then build a product or book about that
  • Actually asking your potential customer what they are interested in is a great way to choose what to work on
  • With digital and content marketing, play the long game, find out what your customers need and be valuable and find out how you can help them

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