#FreelanceAnswers – When should a solo freelancer start an agency?

By Brennan Dunn

In this episode of #FreelanceAnswers, Jiri Bindels is at the point where he’s getting way too many clients. Should he hire someone, outsource the work to others, or raise his rates and risk losing clients?

Here’s his question:

I just arrived at the point where I get too many client requests to fulfil, and with this I’m having a really hard time deciding what to do to: hire someone locally (expanding to an agency), outsource work (with the fear of losing quality), or raise my rate and lose (existing) clients. Additionally I fear delegating to another people as I feel they cannot deliver the same results.

My question: When was your turning point from independent contractor to an agency, and why did you choose that direction? Furthermore, what were the steps you needed to take to make this transition?

Want to learn more about Jiri?

I’m originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands but I live in Montreal Canada now. I do online marketing, SEO and WordPress/Shopify development for clients, as well as my own projects in the online space.

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