The Business of Freelancing, Episode 45: Mandi Ellefson on Scaling Businesses

By Brennan Dunn

Today’s show features service scalability strategist, Mandi Ellefson. Mandi helps entrepreneurs develop a system to free up time and remove themselves from their business. In today’s interview we discuss scaling your business and things to consider before going down that route. Mandi has discovered that scaling is a common issue for freelancers, and she is passionate about helping them.

While researching methodologies to scale her own business, Mandi discovered that this was a common problem for other entrepreneurs, and her business was born. She developed a five step system for business scalability, so that the owner is not stuck selling time for money. In the process, the business owner will have time to focus on what matters and create a real business and saleable asset.

Today’s topics include:

  • Mandi’s five point system to help businesses run without you
  • Selling value for money instead of time for money
  • Refining your process to sale an outcome
  • Charging based on value for a specific problem for a specific person or business
  • How to leverage more time and find 20-40 extra hours per month
  • Making a service business scalable will buy you freedom

Many freelancers get stuck having to choose between growing their business or having a life. With Mandi’s system it is possible to do both. To properly scale it is really necessary to have a mindset of scalability. There is a better, faster and easier way to do things. The transition doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Involving other people in the transition process will help you to work smarter and work less.

“There is a whole other option where you can work less and less and have your business deliver value without you.” Mandi

You can find out more about Mandi’s five steps to scale your business at her training course here or you can contact her by email mandi@mandiellefson.com.

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