The Business of Freelancing, Episode 23: Kurt Elster on How He 8x’d his Revenue by Niching

Business of Freelancing Episode 23Today I talk with my good friend Kurt Elster on how he has 8x his Revenue by Niching Down into a specialized market. Kurt has turned from a generalized web developer into a Shopify specialist, and in the process he has catapulted his business to a whole new level.

To begin with, Kurt lays out a framework he follows that is necessary to specialize. He believes you need 3 things to specialize in a market:

  • Audience
  • Benefit
  • Technology

To cater to a range of audience needs Kurt has created both a productized services business around Shopify optimization called Website Rescue, and a consulting business to help customers get the most out of their e-commerce stores named EtherCycle.

Using this approach, he has been featured on the Shopify website as one of their official experts, and is currently writing a book that helps take people past their initial crowdfunding experience and into the world of e-commerce.

You can find out more about Kurt and his services over at Website Rescues and EtherCycle.

You can reach him directly on Twitter @kurtinc.

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