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No matter what kind of business you run, how long you've been running it, or how big (or small!) you want to grow... my products are designed to help you build a successful & profitable freelancing business.
I've been to your conferences. I've bought your courses. But before all that, I was just a subscriber to your weekly newsletter. You've delivered game-changer after game-changer to my business... THANK YOU! And keep up the great work!
Naomi Bush, customer since 2015
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  • 10,000+ Customers: Since 2011, I've helped thousands of freelancers like you grow their businesses.
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  • No "Support From Hell": All customer support is handled by me, Brennan Dunn. If you write in, you'll hear back from me personally. I'm also the creator of every piece of content you'll find here on Double Your Freelancing.
Your courses have helped me realize that people WILL pay more for results. Thanks!
David Olesch, customer since 2013
Before finding DYF, it was "education overload!" I was in this cycle of of buying e-courses and not actually doing anything with them. But that's since changed. Through using Brennan’s systems and products, I can honestly say I’ve changed the way I handle my business – for the better.
Susie Hays, customer since 2017
Best For: Freelancers Who Don't Have A System For Selling
Learn how to price on value
Double Your Freelancing Rate is our best-selling course (over 8,000 copies sold!), and it's a complete system for mastering the art of qualifying project leads, pitching them on why you're best for the project, and charging more than your competitors without scaring off your soon-to-be clients.
Best For: Freelancers Who Are Tired Of Job Boards And Waiting Around For Referrals
Generate your own high-quality project leads
Sell Yourself Online: The Blueprint provides a start-to-finish system for systematically and reliably generating clients. Rather than reactively waiting for people to come to you, we're going to put in place funnels that find potential clients who could benefit from you, and automatically nurture and pitch them on applying to be your next client.
Best For: Seasoned Freelancers Who Want To Charge For Discovery
Stop scoping out projects for free
Most of us sink a lot of time into learning about a project and pitching... with zero guarantee that we'll ever get paid for our time and expertise. Mastering Project Roadmaps will teach you how to confidently sell "Roadmapping" sessions.
Best For: Freelancers Who Want To Spend Less Time In Their Business
One-click automation for your business
With the Freelancer Workflow Pack, you'll find templates that you can setup in just minutes that automate away work that you really shouldn't be doing: qualifying new leads, scheduling meetings, project intake, and following up with your past clients.
Best For: Freelancers Who Want To Learn From The Experts
A smorgasboard of tactical advice from hand-selected freelancing experts
Binge on Netflix... or get access to over 12 hours of some of the best presentations on freelancing? In our DYF Conf: All Access Pass, you'll get actionable advice from the world's leading experts in freelancing, presented at the two most recent North American and European Double Your Freelancing Conferences.
Best For: Freelancers And Non-Freelancers Who Want To Learn Automation
Go beyond the basics and become a marketing automation ninja
Mastering Drip packs over 10 hours of intermediate to advanced marketing automation training that covers the ins-and-outs of acquiring, nurturing, and pitching leads.
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