The Business of Freelancing, Episode 34: Nick Disabato on Using Productized Consulting to Scale Your Agency

By Brennan Dunn

Welcome to the Business of Freelancing Podcast.  Today I am talking to Nick Disabato, a good friend who is the founder of Draft Revise. As well as the author of Cadence & Slang, a guide to interaction design. Draft Revise is a service that helps companies optimize their content. Nick and I are going to discuss the company he’s built, how he’s done it, and what advice he has for those wanting to get into productizing.

Nick is the go-to-guy for productize consulting. Productizing Consulting is a service based on personal experience and expertise. Companies hire productize consultants to troubleshoot their business. Once a month or every quarter Nick’s company will test your business website to see if your site is functioning at full optimization.

Along with an explanation of his company’s service Nick explains why he makes the choices he does in his business. Including:

  • Why he is selective about his customer base.
  • How “boring work” can still be a good thing when it is steady.
  • Don’t base price on a set fee. Look at the customer needs.

Nick’s service is not for beginners. He thinks the best way to move into full-time freelance is to start small. Research your client base and educate yourself on your niche in the market. You are providing a service, understand why you are providing that service.

To learn more about Nick Disabato visit nickd.org for a more personal introduction and visit draft.nu for a business one. Also check out Nick’s book Cadence & Slang.

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