The Business of Freelancing, Episode 22: Philip Morgan on Positioning

By Brennan Dunn

Business of FreelancingToday I sit down for a chat with Philip Morgan of Philip Morgan Consulting and My Content Sherpa to talk about positioning yourself appropriately as a freelancer in a market, and his new book, “The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms”. Philip is an expert on helping freelancers position themselves in a niche that is a good fit for their skills, goals, and ambitions.

In this show we talk all about what Positioning is, how to identify a good niche to Position yourself in, and how effective Positioning will allow you to charge higher rates, say NO to customers easier, and reach new levels in your freelancing business.

A Few Memorable Quotes From This Episode:

“You need to pick expensive problems if you want to pick a profitable niche” ~ Philip

“No one else but you determines the price of your services” ~ Brennan

To get more resources on Positioning and enter to win a Free copy of Philip’s new book, “The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms”, head over to bitly.com/pmcbof.

You can learn more about Philip’s new book at PhilipMorganConsulting.com or connect with him on Twitter @Philip_Morgan

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