The Business of Freelancing, Episode 2: Making An ROI On Your Marketing

By Brennan Dunn

Show Notes

  • Ways we have marketed our consulting services in our past.
  • Blogging, forum posting, content marketing, and social networks.
  • Technical blogging, business blogging, random thoughts blogging.
  • Investing into marketing activities
  • Products can drive consulting sales
  • Marketing sales funnel
  • Ask “how did you hear about me?”
  • Difficult to track every single person from marketing source to sale
  • Easier to track in the aggerate based on source (e.g. Hacker News)
  • How to determine when to focus exclusively on one channel or avenue.
  • Know, Like, Trust
  • Multi-touch marketing across different channels
  • Increase your trust factor, e.g. Open Source, blogging
  • Referrals transfer trust
  • Diverse marketing sources are needed in case something changes to your primary marketing source.
  • Have at least one backup source that compliments your primary one, if not two backups.
  • Expensive conferences can be a good filter for clients who can afford your services.
  • Asking for referrals
  • Repeat clients
  • Reaching out to existing clients 1-on-1 to follow up with past projects.
  • Offering incentives or finders fees for referrals.
  • Well timed out autoresponders for new leads

Next Week

Pricing methods


Eric – Why are you trying to save time? and the question “What is it that we want?” to ask clients.
Brennan – RescueTime and MailChimp