The Business of Freelancing, Episode 29: Marcus Blankenship on Managing Subcontractors

By Brennan Dunn

This is the Business of Freelancing Podcast, Episode 29. Today we’ll discuss a number of thoughts related to hiring subcontractors.  My guest is coach, advisor, project manager and author Marcus Blankenship.  If you’ve ever found yourself in the position of needing to hire and manage others,  then this podcast will definitely resonate.

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At one time I thought that when it came to hiring subcontractors all you really needed to do was hire smart people.  It’s actually not that easy.  The idea of a self-managing employee is a fallacy and puts very unrealistic expectations on the person you hire.

There are some ways to set up yourself and your subcontractor to succeed:

  • Be realistic about communication.  When hiring you will need to explain in great detail what you need.
  • It is impossible to over-communicate.  We outline some ways that you and your subcontractors can communicate on a very frequent basis.
  • Answer your subcontractor’s questions quickly.
  • Know that you might have to face a client who questions having a subcontractor do their work instead of you.  We discuss some ways to handle those situations.
  • You are the person who assumes all risk and you are responsible for reviewing the work before it gets to the client.
  • Give feedback.  This is an important subject and we discuss how that feedback needs to be delivered.

Marcus has outstanding coaching experience and tons of great ideas.  You can connect with him on his website at marcusblankenship.com.

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