The Business of Freelancing, Episode 40: Julia Kelly On How She Charges $300 an Hour To Draw Cartoons

By Brennan Dunn

Today we’re having a crazy interview, but in the best way. We’ll be talking to Julia Kelly, she’s a caricature artist, and the first one we’ve had on the show. She also has a degree in Accounting, so she loves the numbers side of things.

We go through how she and her team charge hundreds of dollars an hour for caricature art, and all the ins and outs of her work and business strategy. She’s applied everything I cover on the website and podcast when it comes to value based pricing and price anchoring, and has now applied it to her craft and company.

Today’s topics include:

  • Julia’s transition from BC sales to BB sales
  • Why selling the outcome to your clients is so important
  • How she discovered being a booth caricature artist
  • Her pricing strategy
  • How she’s a lead generator for businesses
  • Julia’s business growth plan of action

Basically, Julia is a bridge between a potential prospect at a trade show and the customer, and through her testimonials and how she pitches herself, she helps to serve as an investment to their business. So essentially, she’s selling outcomes. It’s about getting results. It’s not about your qualifications or your education, it’s about what you provide for the customer.

We explain why it’s important to communicate that you’re a professional by explaining the outcomes they’ll get by working with you, and delve into the challenges she faced when changing her type of work events and shifting the focus to her clients instead of herself.

Julia actually works with a team, where the work is divided into about 50/50. More than anything, Julia realizes the importance of making it more about the business and less about the fun in itself, because the business side of things is what keeps it all afloat.

Make sure to visit Julia’s gorgeous website at www.jkexpressions.com, and if you want to contact her, feel free to e-mail her at julia@jkexpressions.com.

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