The Business of Freelancing, Episode 25: Jonathan Stark on Risk Mitigation through Fixed Bid Pricing

By Brennan Dunn

Welcome to another episode of the Business of Freelancing Podcast. This week I am joined by my good friend Jonathan Stark.  Jonathan is a mobile strategy consultant, having worked with flagship brands such as CVS, Staples, Time, and Nokia. Today Jonathan also focuses on helping other freelancers get the most out of their businesses by promoting the same value based approach to their agencies that I support.

Today Jonathan and I get a chance to dig in to some of the details around how to approach problems of creating a culture of value based pricing within your agency and how to win with a fixed price model versus your competitors who will often be delivering lower priced bids than you. This is achieved through the risk mitigation of your proposal in the client’s eyes.

Finally, Jonathan and I talk through how to manage scope creep, change orders by customers, and seemingly micromanagement of customers in the details of your work.

Jonathan was kind enough to offer an exclusive discount on his coaching services, just for DYF listeners.  To get over $500 off his one-on-one coaching programs go to expensiveproblem.com/dyf

You can learn more about Jonathan on his agency site at JonathanStark.com, check out his podcast with co-host Kelli Shaver, or contact him directly on Twitter @JonathanStark.

Also, I am very excited to announce that the Double Your Freelancing Conference has been formally announced. Subscribers of my newsletter got first word of it in this week’s edition. We are tentatively scheduled for the event to be in my home town of Norfolk, VA on September 17-18. Guest speakers will include Kai Davis, Brian Casel, Allan Branch, Ed Gandia, Jonathan Stark, Kurt Elster, Mojca Mars, Nathan Barry, Philip Morgan, Sarah Bray, and Steli Efti. To find out more about the conference head over to doubleyourfreelancing.com/conf/