#FreelanceAnswers – Does it make sense to sell seemingly unrelated services to clients?

By Brennan Dunn

In this inaugural episode of #FreelanceAnswers, Shawn Davis wants to know if he should distract himself by taking on work that doesn’t align to his core service offering.

Here’s his question:

When we lived in South America, we had a local friend that did immigration work for expats. But his philosophy was to go after any kind of work that related to expats, even things that were completely and totally unrelated to immigration. Some might say this extra work is a distraction, but it made him money.

I am an IT management consultant with an extensive background in all things IT, including many years spent as a programmer. Selling management and strategy is sometimes a challenge, but most clients are interested in tasks and technologies. My question is:

Does it make sense to include seemingly unrelated services even though they feel like a distraction, or what if these services “get you in the door” to sell core services?

Want to learn more about Shawn?

World traveler, writer, musician, and IT management consultant. Originally from the United States, but now a citizen of the world. My consulting practice sees me helping organizations with project management, ITSM, governance, and talent management.

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