The Business of Freelancing, Episode 50: Jane Portman on Designing Highly-Effective Sales Websites

By Brennan Dunn

Today I am interviewing Jane Portman. Jane is from Russia, and she used to work with me on Planscope which I just sold. She is an amazing designer who is very focused on the design and the copy. I recently redesigned Double Your Freelancing. Which is appropriate for today, because Jane’s expertise is building really great user experiences.

Jane is an amazing UI designer and business consultant. Jane has been designing for over 10 years. She worked for a large agency in Russia. She is also a mom, and now works full time in the US as a consultant. She wanted to build authority, so she started writing books and implemented a lot of my advice for consultants. She is currently focused on helping SaaS founders to build simple products that make money.

Today’s topics include:

  • Most people don’t realize the sales process is done through long form sales copy, walking through the clients pains
  • Have a way to capture potential customers on your site, put together a sales machine that sells and captures
  • Productize offering before going into full sales of bigger offering
  • The job of design is to build credibility along the way
  • WordPress themes are not correlated with the long form sales copy
  • Write good copy and make sure visuals are broken down by nicely formatted sales copy and a way to capture emails
  • A consulting website should be focused around your product, and selling your entry level free magnet, and your entry level productized service, so you need a few specific sells pages
  • Your landing page should be your airport where you go through who you are and how you can help, then go through your existing product offerings
  • Free engagement > smaller offering > full sales offering
  • Give away your email not just a contact form
  • Free lead magnets, checklists, reports, email course
  • Structure your website right, your client will know that you are different than other freelancers

Resources and links:


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Twitter @UIBreakfast

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