The Business of Freelancing, Episode 47: Jesse Strauss on the Legalities of Freelancing

By Brennan Dunn

Today I am talking with Jesse Strauss. Jesse is a New York-based lawyer who owns a firm specializing in debt collection for freelancers. When it comes to things like small claims court and debt collection, freelancers are usually on their own. Jesse discovered that there were a lot of freelancers with payment disputes while he was working on wage and hour cases.

He started looking for a new solution to solve this problem. Jesse was based in New York, so he couldn’t handle cases in other jurisdictions, but he could forward the cases to other lawyers in those jurisdictions. That is the idea behind the formation of Indepayment.

Having a solid contract can help to resolve a non-payment issue. You can also ask for payment up-front or for milestone payments to help prevent non-payment issues. Trust issues may prevent clients from wanting to pay ahead of time. Indepayment offers an escrow service where the buyer puts their money in and then it is paid to the contractor after the services are rendered.

Today’s topics include:

  • Problems that arise when trying to collect from a client who claims insolvency
  • Things to put in your contract in case you ever have a dispute
  • How Indepayment works with online escrow companies and dispute resolution
  • Having freelance invoices in the system at Indepayment provides a central place to collect payment histories
  • A free payment collection service that works on contingency solves a tremendous pain point

Resources and links:

Jesse Strauss Law PLLC


Write to Jesse Jesse@indepayment.com

Write to me Brennan@doubleyourfreelancing.com